Why You Should Consider Using Linea After You Convert Photos to Digital

Posted by Julie Morris on Fri, Jun 07, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Why Not Create a Photo Book After You Convert Photos to DigitalPhotographs are essential to keeping family memories alive and well. When they’re stuck in a box or on a bookshelf, it’s hard to show a new friend how precisely the moment was captured. But, when you convert photos to digital, it’s much easier to show off all of your important moments.

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Why Scan Pictures Sooner Than Later

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

We know to scan pictures now rather than later isn’t ideal for everyone. Why would you want to scan your pictures? After all, there is some nostalgic value for the photos you have in your archives. Some people really like the feeling of having a physical photo in their hands when looking at pictures. That is a valid reason yet nobody is suggesting that anyone get rid of his or her physical photos.

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