Photo Scanning Service Details 7 Ways to Achieve Dreamy Looking Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Oct 01, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Photo Scanning Service Details 7 Ways to Achieve Dreamy Looking PhotosAchieving soft, dreamy effects on photos is very possible - and happens to be one of our favorite ways to add a special touch to digital photos.

But how do you do it?

There are actually several neat and easy ways to get those effects, some while shooting, saving time during editing - and some that can be done with a little help from technology. Most are easy and affordable!

We thought I can be creative did such a great job outlining some of these ways that we decided to share their tips with you!

7 Ways to Achieve Dreamy Looking Photos

  1. Plastic Sandwhich Bag: Yes, a sandwich bag. It sounds ridiculous maybe, but the results are amazing. Take a normal, plain sandwich bag, tear a hole in it using your hands on the closed size of the bag, then slide it over your camera lens. Make sure you don’t cover the entire lens, as you still need to be able to see your subject clearly. Ideally, you want it around the edges of your lens. Just click and your photos will have an awesome, retro, hazy look. You can also color certain areas around the bag with colored markers to achieve a colored, hazy, dreamy light. 

  2. Panty Hose: You can also use a pair of panty hose. Cut a hole in the center of them and slide them around the lens, just as you did with the sandwich bag. You can try different colors and effects, and can create some interesting images since you can have so much fun with this one.

  3. Soft Focus Filters: Another way to get dreamy effects, screwing it onto the end of your lens softens images and makes them almost “dreamy surreal.’ Widely available, these filters are available at most camera supply stores.

  4. Wide Aperture: This will give you great bokeh effect, and also create a dreamy appearance. Just be aware of your focal length so you’re not too far away from your subject and won’t lose clarity from your depth of field being so narrow. For best results, shoot with a lens with an aperture of f4 or larger.

  5. Sun Flare: Capturing sun flare is a great way to get “dreamy.” This can give photographs a golden-washed, almost magical appearance. Be very aware of what you're doing as it can over expose your photos and wash out your subjects.

  6. Use Backlighting: Put a backlighting behind your subject, and photos will get a soft, golden appearance similar to that of the sun flare. Practice shooting in different lighting and with different apertures and focal lengths to find your style.

  7. Photoshop and Lightroom: A timeless classic by now. Widely used and user friendly, a number of filters, actions, and processes available will allow you to add a variety of effects to photos. If you want to forgo the adventure of trying some other ways, luckily a dreamy look is one that’s easy to achieve through photo manipulation.

These are great options for the photos you haven't taken yet but what about all those prints sitting in your attic? Collecting dust in the basement? It's never too late to give them the same love and attention as new digital photos you're taking today.

Find a reliable photo scanning service and start digitizing your archives today!


Image Credit: Zwaddi

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