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Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, May 17, 2014 @ 01:56 PM
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May is graduation and college reunion season.  Are you attending a graduation or college reunion this year?   Have you been thinking about those days and saying, I really need to find those pictures?  You and your buddies each have your own set of images from those special times.  What are they? Were you an athlete? A straight-A student always hunkered down over a book in the library? Were you in a fraternity or sorority? Or perhaps you were the yearbook photographer capturing the photos of all of those students’ college days. Whether you were any of those, and regardless of where and when you went to college, you undoubtedly have plenty of photos stashed away of your glory days, especially if your class pre-dated the class of 2000. In that case, you may even have slides, negatives, and videotape stored. 

Regardless of the medium your college days were captured on, one thing is certain – you need to preserve them, and doing so is easier than any class or exam you ever took. All you have to do is convert photos to digital, and you can relive and revisit your college years anytime. 

When you convert photos to digital, not only do you gain benefits like knowing your photos are safe from being damaged, lost, or destroyed, but with the advent of social media and so many digital tools at our fingertips, there are many ways to relive those days with your fellow classmates. Here’s just a few ways to do so. 

#1: Share on Social Media ReunionSign 300x200

Facebook was created for college students, by college students, but that’s no longer the rule. People of many ages from all over the world are on Facebook now, and it’s likely the number one place to share and reflect on college photos. When you convert photos to digital, you can easily upload photos, create complete albums, and relive memories with college friends. With Facebook photos and albums, you can add descriptions, tag people in the photo, add when and where the photo was taken, and more. The real fun comes when everyone starts reminiscing in the photo comments! 

 #2: Make It a Reunion Activity

Beer pong may or may not be on your list of class reunion activities, but sharing photos definitely should be. Not only can you pool together your photos and reminiscence of days gone by whenever you reunite, but you can pool photos and funds together to convert photos to digital too. You can do this with the group of friends you were close to in college, by dorm hall, organization or club, by department, or whatever method is manageable and works best. Everyone can bring photos to the reunion and not only look through them together, but set up an initiative to get the photos preserved as soon as possible. If the class president isn’t up for being the group’s official “photo archivist,” elect someone to be. This person can be responsible for collecting everyone’s photos, organizing them, sending them to a photo scanning service to convert photos to digital, and getting everyone’s photos back to the original owner. After a good chuckle over old photos, figure out how many photos collectively need to be scanned, and choose a photo scanning package. Divide the cost to convert photos to digital among the group, and buy a gift card to a photo scanning service for the “archivist.”  Don’t forget to factor in costs for add-ons, such as extra DVD’s for each person. Add reunion photos after each one to continue creating your college experience. 

 #3: Online Photo Albums, Scrapbooks, and “Yearbooks” 

Historical Society YearbooksWhen you convert photos to digital, you can have photos uploaded to online storage space. When you convert photos to digital -- whether it’s as a group or an individual – choose this. Not only are they further preserved, but you can easily access them in one spot, from anywhere. 

This makes other ways to enjoy college photos easy too, like creating online albums, scrapbooks, or virtual “yearbooks.” You may have original school yearbooks, but college friends and classmates can create new online albums and scrapbooks catered to specific groups or class. There are great online scrapbooking tools available -- create some to showcase different facets of your college days.  Use photo editing software to retouch photos or add things like dialogue clouds, captions, graphics, and more. 

To preserve moments capturing the best days of your life, convert photos to digital and start exploring the wealth of options subsequently available – probably drastically unlike what your refrigerator looked like in college. 

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