How Photo Scanning Services Can Help Your DIY Craft Projects

Posted by Julie Morris on Mon, Mar 10, 2014 @ 12:05 PM

There are many avenues to explore in the DIY world, but one of the most popular DIY craft trends is dedicated to using photographs. If you want to display your photographs in a way other than the traditional photo in a frame method, you have plenty of options, from décor, to gifts, to completely functional, practical items.  DYI Photo Lamp

Some crafts require printed photos, whereas others call for digital photos. Of course the first step is to digitize photos that are only available in analog form, such as images on photo prints, slides or negatives. You’ll need to do this so that – depending on the project -- you don’t have to cut up precious original prints or print from slides or negatives, or so you can utilize tools like Photoshop to create one of a kind art. Regardless of the craft though, you’ll enjoy one of the biggest benefits gained when you scan photos and digitize slides – preservation.

Digitize Photos to Preserve Priceless Originals Before You Make More

The biggest reason to digitize photos is so you’ll never have to worry about treasured photographs being lost, damaged, or destroyed. However, just because you scan and store them electronically doesn’t mean the originals lose “value” or become dispensable – that’s why a photo scanning service takes great care in shipping the originals back to you. But many photo craft projects require you to cut photos or do something to them physically that may damage or eventually ruin them. There’s something special about original photographs, particularly those taken long ago. Digitally preserving photos allows you to print copies and do whatever you need to without harming the original.

Hands On DIY Projects

Consider genealogy craft projects, a great example of the types of crafts that require physically manipulating and potentially harming treasured original prints. Thanks to photo scanning though, you can use the same photos, just not the originals.

 Photo CenterpiecesThe projects in this “niche” are just too great to pass up. There are genealogy-inspired home décor photo crafts, like a family tree shadow box, which requires you to cut or punch holes into photos in order to loop strings through them and hang them from your “family tree.” There are even projects you can wear, like a genealogical photo necklace, which would require you to cut photos into very small sizes to fit them into the necklace pieces, like you would for a locket. There are traditional ancestry projects using photos too, like scrapbooks or framed photo collages. However, those can still require you to physically manipulate photos, so the best thing to do is digitize photos too valuable to harm.

Pixel Perfect – Creating with Technology’s Tools

Perhaps you’re more into technology and all it has to offer photos – we are too! Just because you’re handier with Photoshop than you are with scissors and glue doesn’t limit what you can create. Thanks to photo editing software and ways to share photos now, you can do so much when you digitize photos. Although “traditional” scrapbooking is still very popular, online scrapbooks and photo albums are trending too, and possibilities are endless. When you digitize photos, regardless of how old they are, you can make a photo appear as though it’s been physically manipulated when in fact, it’s just a digital copy altered while the original is tucked away safe and sound.

Some photo projects require special technical skills, relying entirely upon digitized images and manipulating them digitally. Like genealogy photo crafts, think of ways you can take old photos and turn them into something new with digital touches like enhancing color, playing with resolution, adding something into the photo or retouching it, creating GIF’s, and more. You can recreate old photos, or try something entirely different like one savvy London photographer recently did: Chino Otsuka decided to digitize photos of her childhood and using Photoshop, created a series of photos, Imagine Finding Me, in which she inserted her present-day self into photos of her as a child. From Paris to France, the series depicts her standing – well, beside herself – in an array of places, and she does it so seamlessly it’s near impossible to detect the digital manipulation!

Regardless of what you want to create using treasured photographs, digitize photos first through photo scanning. Preservation through scanning is largely about guaranteeing you’ll have the photos forever, but an added benefit is knowing the “real thing” may be preserved forever too.

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