Even Superman Understands the Value of Preserving Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Oct 22, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Even Superman Understands the Value of Preserving PhotosPart of the fun of watching movies is the dialogue "exchanged" between the audience and characters. Often this involves asking characters why they just did something or giving them directions out loud.

"Don’t go upstairs!"

"You said you would never let go, but you just did!"

"Just get out of there!"

We know that in every horror movie, the lead is going to check things out alone. Yet we question it every time. However, there are other motives and actions almost any audience member won’t think twice about, things inherently understood and never questioned.

Even Superman Understands the Value of Preserving Photos

For example, in the new Man of Steel movie, when Superman’s home is under attack, the mother rushes back inside to rescue a photo album. You’d be hard pressed to find an audience member questioning her actions, because most of us would do the same.

Apparently, even Superman's mom knows the value of memories and preserving life’s Kodak moments.

Most of us do, which is exactly why you’ll find a lot of people expressing that photos are one of the things they'd first grab when running out of a burning house. The Burning House website explores a question we’ve all asked and answered multiple times: if your house were on fire, what items would you save? Readers upload photos of what they’d rescue, and the website even published a book featuring 200 user photographs.

In almost every single one of the user collages on The Burning House – next to practical items like wallets and clothing – there are photographs; priceless memories. These photographic entries are from people located all over the world, with different jobs, interests, backgrounds, beliefs, ideas, religions – you name it. Yet for all of these people, photographs are so important that they can’t bear parting with them.

This clearly demonstrates the importance we place on our photos. It also prompts the realization that if something is that important to us, we should do whatever we can to preserve and protect it. Unfortunately, Superman isn’t going to swoop down and grab your photo albums if your house is on fire (he didn’t even do that for his own mother!). But you do have the power to protect your photographs from their own permanent, Kryptonian demise – by digitizing photos.

Have You Digitized Your Photos?

Digitizing photos isn't the overwhelming task many think it is. It doesn’t require purchasing some fancy photo digitizer, nor does it require taking photos to an expensive store. Now, digitizing photos can be done quickly and economically with photo scanning services and storing pictures online, electronically. Photo scanning companies now accessible and affordable meaning you can be rest assured your memories are backed up and preserved in more places than a physical photo album.

If you’re ready to get your photos as close to super hero status as possible – virtually indestructible – learn more about selecting the right photo scanning service for you!


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