6 DIY Projects Perfect for the Holidays After Scanning Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Oct 05, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

6 DIY Projects Perfect for the Holidays After Scanning PhotosThe holidays are just around the corner, so if you’ve started making lists and checking them twice, you're probably not alone!

Good news for you - there’s no shortage of gift ideas you can utilize after scanning photos.

Most are affordable or even perfect for a DIY project! With a little time, creativity, and simply scanning photos, you can’t go wrong with these 7 ideas.

6 DIY Projects Perfect for the Holidays After Scanning Photos

Blankets and Pillows

Blankets and pillows are great examples of gifts you can make with photos. All it takes is printing a digital photo on a special iron-on transfer sheet, some supplies like an iron, and you can make a quick pillow or blanket that will look professionally made on a DIY budget!

See Martha Stewart's advice here.

Photo Coasters

Another great and incredibly affordable gift if you go the DIY route, is a photo coaster. It’s sure to please and they’re easy to make! You can personalize them with any photos you want.  With a few tile coasters from a home improvement store, mod podge, some paint, and high gloss coating spray, you’ll have a unique gift that can last forever. Better yet, you can put a different picture on each coaster! 

See Card Store's instructions on how to do these yourself here.

Candlestick Photo Holders

This is a cute and inspiring idea, especially for parties or just to decorate the house. Take a normal everyday candlestick, place a cork inside of it, push a paper clip down into the cork and then insert your favorite photo into the paper clip.

Find a step-by-step tutorial here.

Totes, T-Shirts, & More Apparel

The most popular items are totes, t-shirts, and socks. It’s basically achieved the same way you create photo blankets and pillows. Usually you’ll just need a digital photo printed on a special iron-on sheet, the item you want to transfer it onto, scissors, and an iron.

Martha Stewart lets you in on more of her secrets about DIY here.

Photo Cube

This gift is crafty and certainly multi-faceted. With a wooden photo cube from a craft store, some mod podge, foam paint brushes, and photos trimmed to fit the box, you can give a gift where every side is a “good side.”

See instructions from "the frugal girls" here.

Decoupage Photo Memory Box

A great gift for mothers who tend to save every little thing (like a lock of hair from their child’s first haircut!). You just need an old box - an old cigar box, jewelry box, or a thin wood box you can buy at a local crafts store for about $2 - some decoupage glue, scissors, extra decor like buttons, stickers, jewels, cutouts from paper or fabric, and of course, some favorite photos.

Find step by step instructions here.

Have you completed any of these projects before? Which is your favorite one?


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