How To Use Photo Scanning For Your Next Fundraiser

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Oct 08, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

How To Use Photo Scanning For Your Next FundraiserIf you’re in charge of organizing a fundraiser and can’t think of anything except having a speaker and rows of people taking calls for pledges, you probably feel a little uninspired.

These days, there are a multitude of ways fundraisers can be run - going far past your traditional bake sale!

How can you make fundraisers exciting, enjoyable, and enticing? Photo scanning has actually provided a fresh face for any fundraiser you're planning.

Various organization types like genealogical societies, historical societies, museums, schools, and more can use photo scanning as an incentive to get people to participate in different fundraisers. Each organization can put their own spin on how to do this. Large interest in digital images now makes photo scanning a great offer for just about everyone.

How To Use Photo Scanning For Your Next Fundraiser

Here are just a few ways organizations can offer photo scanning services as part of fundraisers: 

  1. Over the last few years, the field of genealogy has enjoyed a boom as television shows depicting genealogical research have become popular, like “Who Do You Think You Are?” Technology has made it easier to learn about ancestry, so genealogy doesn’t have to be expensive either. One of its key components is photos, so team up with a photo scanning service and auction off photo scanning services to give people the ability to create family photo albums or digital “family trees.”

  2. If you’re setting up a fundraiser affiliated with a school, consider a photo scanning fundraiser to tie to one done on holiday break, or events like prom and sports games. 

    For example, if you’re setting up a fundraiser for the athletic department, offer photo scanning services to students and parents. They can bring in their favorite athletic photos and team photos to create individual or shared albums or digital slideshows. For a fundraiser finale, have the photo scanning service company put on a slideshow with the scanned pictures. 

  3. Any organization, especially if well established, has history. That means a lot of photos and the perfect reason to offer a photo scanning fundraiser. Whether a historical society, museum, town fundraiser, or a smaller organization like a church, a photo scanning fundraiser is sure to draw people in so they can create digital life to share with each other down the road. The photos can also be put into a database, and you can bring back the photo scanning service annually to update it with new pictures.

So what would it cost to partner up with a photo scanning service for fundraisers? How do you do it, especially for large scale ones? Most photo scanning companies will give discounted rates if there’s going to be a large volume of business. A large crowd can easily cover costs and still allow them to make a profit. The organization sponsoring the fundraiser just needs to determine a percentage of the proceeds that will be donated to the specific cause. 

Most people are looking to create memories so most will realize the importance of having their printed memories digitized in the event of catastrophic events like a fire, flood, theft, or simply getting lost over time.

Serving the dual purpose of helping organizations raise money and giving participants better rates on digitizing photos, a photo scanning fundraiser is sure to be a crowd pleaser and a great way to raise funds.


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