What Photograph Captured the Greatest Moment of Your Life?

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Sep 21, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

What Photograph Captured the Greatest Moment of Your Life?Photographs consistently re-tell history, and have been doing so from the early 1800’s. From weddings, graduations, or someone’s first prom, what pictures capture range the full spectrum. Their effects on people also range from laughter to consolation if it’s the memory of a lost loved one.

Photos of Dad napping on the couch may not seem like Kodak moments, but probably after he’s gone they remind you of the little moments you wish you could bottle up and keep forever. Such moments remind us that photography is perhaps the greatest tool we have for preserving our history and memories.

Most of us have tons of these moments tucked away. Hopefully they’ve been to a photo scanning service and are now tucked away in digital storage as well as a box. If not, we are lucky to have today's photo preservation methods. We recommend scanning all your photos, slides, negatives, film and video to ensure your memories are safe!

Digital storage is also crucial - what would happen to photos of dad snoozing in the event of a fire if they haven’t been scanned and stored? Photo scanning and storage is simple now: Old photos or negatives can be sent to photo scanning services and be uploaded to computers. Photo scans can be put onto CDs or DVDs, backed up on hard drives, flash drives, or uploaded to websites.

What Photograph Captured the Greatest Moment of Your Life?

Grab your camera and capture large family events, like family reunions, or small ones, like pets playing. Never hesitate to take a photograph with someone, especially loved ones. When family members or friends want you to take pictures and you don’t feel like it, smile anyway. You never know what it may mean to someone one day. When you’re looking through photos and reliving memories, you’ll be glad you did – and the simplest photo may be the one that speaks the most to you or others years later.

Consider the below photo shared by Gail Rimkus, a FotoBridge customer, when asked what photograph captured the best moment of her life.

What Photograph Captured the Greatest Moment of Your Life?

"The best moment of my life is captured in this photo, as it is the first picture taken of my family. The year was 1980 and life was innocent and good. At that moment in time, there was nothing in the world I wanted more than what I had; a loving husband, two healthy children, and much hope for the future."

Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of photos is being able to see the progression of your life - seeing images next to one another can tell an entire story with no need for words. Darrell Dempster, another FotoBridge customer, shared photos of him and his wife that are perfect examples of that - one from their wedding day and another from their 50th wedding anniversary:

      What Photograph Captured the Greatest Moment of Your Life?  What Photograph Captured the Greatest Moment of Your Life?

"Sally Strott and I were married July 13th, 1957 at Christ Lutheran Church in Baltimore, MD. That was and is the single best moment of my life. I served in the US Navy and retired in 1981. Sally and I lived in many different places; she is a real trooper, always ready for a new adventure. We celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary on July 13, 2003. This story does not need any more words."

Thank you, Gail and Darrell, for capturing and sharing your most precious moments! We are thrilled to have had the pleasure to help you preserve them with photo scanning.


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