Up Close and Personal on the Newest Sony Lens Cameras [From Your Photo Scanning Service]

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Sep 19, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

Up Close and Personal on the Newest Sony Lens Cameras From Your Photo Scanning ServiceWe previously discussed how smartphones have impacted photography and how iPhoneography has become a way for photo lovers to take professional pictures without the bulk of a camera bag. Fact of the matter is not everyone still has a smartphone with a fancy camera.

Enter the Sony Lens Cameras…24 hours early. While the actual lens won’t be available until the end of September, press release photos were released a whole 24 hours ahead of Sony’s official announcement, giving everyone a front row seat to the next biggest thing for camera phone lovers.

Up Close and Personal on the Newest Sony Lens Cameras

The product line is called SmartShot lens cameras and attaches to your phone. Two models will be released and each has its own image sensor, processor and stabilization. The lenses attach to your smartphone and using Bluetooth, turn your phone into a high quality camera. The 20.2 MP QX100 is the more powerful model of the two and is equivalent to a Sony RX100 II. The photos you take will have low noise, which can be an issue with some factory model phone cameras. 33 shooting conditions are automatically built into the lens, but still allows for further adjustments.

The other lens is an 18MP QX10, which is equivalent to a Sony WX150. This lens boasts a high zoom capacity and is very lightweight. Sony claims that it’s a great tool for travel photography. The lens also has a built in Optical SteadyShot features, which ensures your photos aren’t blurry, even if you have an unsteady hand. It’s available in black and white.

It’s easy to share the top notch photos you’re taking too! The photos are instantly stored on your phone and can be shared using your social media site of preference. If you purchase the lens, you’ll need to download the app PlayMemories mobile for the entire experience. It’s compatible with iOs and Android phones that have a verson 3.1 or higher. This app will convert your phone screen to a real time viewfinder, allowing you to monitor shutter speed, take video recordings, and adjust your zoom, auto focus, shooting mode, and more.

One amazing aspect about these lenses is their flexibility. You don’t even have to attach the lens to the camera to take a picture. You can hold it in your hand or even mount it to a tripod and take pictures with the lens while still maintaining a connection with your phone. If you want to attach it to your phone, you’ll need an adaptor. The lens itself comes with a memory card slot and rechargeable batteries so if your phone dies, don’t worry about missing out on picture opportunities.

The QX100 will sell for around $500 and the QX10 will sell for around $250.

As a photo scanning service, we love to see it when photography becomes more accessible to people. We have the opportunity to see high quality photo scanning results every day, but instant photo gratification is nice too! Luckily, our process is quick and professional so converting your old photos to digital is painless! Check out our blog for more information.


Photo Credit: Sony

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