Scanning Photos Gives New Life to Your Old Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Sep 10, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Scanning Photos Gives New Life to Your Old PhotosToday, more and more people are trying to give old products a new lease on life by reinventing them into purposeful products. DIY seems like it’s become more of a lifestyle than a trend and companies are taking notice. Not everyone is a DIY expert, but we can all appreciate a company that specializes in reinvention.

Just like we here at FotoBridge give old photos a new life by scanning photos, Ystudio gives old cameras another chance by turning them into decorative and creative lamps.

The Ystudio Mission

Although the translation isn’t perfect, you can still get an idea of the Ystudio’s purpose in creating modern lamps out of antique cameras.

Their mission essentially reads, “New technology provides people a more convenient and efficient life. It makes us more likely to throw away things easily, and it’s an enormous waste that cannot be ignored. But, we saw the painstaking effort and the insistence of quality from the craftsman in those products.”

“Those curves, shapes and color are irreplaceable memories. Those beautiful things should not fade away. So we thought it over, organized and rebuilt in order to find the foundation in modern times. Let those old products be reused in our daily life and radiate new glamor.”

Scanning Photos Gives New Life to Your Old Photos   Scanning Photos Gives New Life to Your Old Photos

This is exactly what we try to do with each of our customer's collections - your memories should not fade away on an old print or slide. We take pride in bringing your memories back to life when scanning photos.

Scanning Photos Gives New Life to Old Photos

Luckily, Ystudio isn’t the only company trying to take old products and give them some glamour. We specialize in taking your old photos, slides, and videos and turning them into a product that can be treasured forever. We know that it can be hard to pack up your entire collection of memories and send them to a photo scanning service, but normal wear and tear can take a toll on the quality of your pictures. Even with proper protection, very old photos will fade over time so scanning photos is a great way to preserve your images.

Slides are also subject to damage and it can be hard to tell just how extensive the damage is, especially if you don’t have a slide viewer. The same concept applies to old videos. How many people still have a VHS player? FotoBridge has worked with over 25,000 customers who now have digital photos (or DVDs) that can be passed down in the family and shared with friends on the other side of the world.

Have you scanned your collections yet?

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