How to Perfect Your Landscape Photography Skills

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Aug 24, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

How to Perfect Your Landscape Photography SkillsLandscape photography possesses a certain magic. It’s about the experience of being in nature while waiting for just the right moment. Whether it’s a sunset over the mountains or lightning over the ocean, it has a stunning ability to make us marvel at our surroundings.

When you’re surrounded by beauty, it’s hard not to grab a great photograph. But to make sure you capture the perfect shot, we’ve compiled some tips on how to take a good landscape photograph every time!

5 Ways to Perfect Your Landscape Photography Skills

1. Use a Tripod 

Long exposure photography is ideal for landscape settings. It captures a scene over a period of time, but shaky hands will interrupt the image. Instead, use a tripod which will steady the entire camera during the long shutter speed. You might even want to invest in a cable release, which allows you to release the shutter without touching the camera.

2. Use a Prime Lens for a Sharper Image 

You may be tempted to use a zoom lens when shooting a landscape, but fight the feeling. Zoom lenses have more glass and require extra effort to zoom in and out. As the light changes throughout the day, your image quality may deteriorate. On the other hand, a prime lens has a very simplistic design, making it easier to create a sharp image.

3. Look at the Lines of the Land

In many landscape shots, you’ll have the dividing horizon line, but don’t forget about other lines that appear in the picture. How are you going to lure your viewer into the picture? Try contrasting the stark skyline of a city with the rugged lines of the Rocky Mountains. The variations of sand on a beach might mimic the water line, leading your eye to the moon. Focus on how the entire picture comes together using the rule of thirds.

4. Break Out of the Landscape Box

If natural surroundings aren’t readily accessible or the idea of trekking into a field isn’t appealing, you can still practice landscape photography. Think about your town or city as a landscape and try to capture pictures that paint a message. Take pictures of abandoned buildings, rivers flowing under bridges, or wide shots of a street scene. Urban landscapes can be just as interesting as natural landscapes.

5. Adjust Your Point of View

It’s only natural to shoot from the angle you’re most familiar with, but getting a truly interesting shot might require a little effort. Don’t be afraid to climb a tree (if you’re not afraid of heights) or lay on the ground. Playing with the foreground and horizon will give a standout shot.

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