10 Tips for Capturing Perfect Wedding Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Jul 27, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

10 Tips for Capturing Perfect Wedding PhotosWhether you’re getting married next year or its been 20 years since your big day, the images captured on your wedding day are ones you'll cherish last forever. Most hire professional photographers, but it's not a bad idea to give friends and family some advice for regular snapshots. With better direction, they are more likely to capture those unforgettable moments.

We’ve compiled some tips below to help you capture inspiring images of your wedding day.

10 Tips for Capturing Perfect Wedding Photos

1. Consider Your Surroundings

Most weddings are located in beautiful venues, but it’s worth it to pay attention to the finer details for special photo opportunities. Use your environment to naturally frame your subject by letting the horizon guide you.

2. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Shooting during dusk will help eliminate shadow. Don’t shoot with the sun directly behind your subject; instead opt for semi-shadowed pictures.

3. Don’t Miss Anyone!

You don’t want to have the moment where you view proofs and realize there are no pictures of the bride and her new mother-in-law. It’s hard to capture everyone, especially at a large wedding, but just keep shooting. In this case, more is definitely better!

4. Take Some Close-ups 

Close ups are great not only for party-goers, but also for the surrounds. Many people work to ensure the wedding décor is perfect so capturing a close-up of the centerpiece is a great idea.

5. Change Perspective

Don’t be afraid to move around. Zoom in and then take a step back. Climb onto a hay bale or have your subject lay on the ground.  If you have to lie on the ground or pull out a yoga move to get the right shot, go for it!

For example, if you’re taking a picture of the bride from behind and want to capture that gorgeous dress in its entirety and an angle that truly displays its magnificence, get on the ground yourself.  Sometimes it takes getting a little dirty to get the job done right! Using a variety of angles produces a stunning portfolio.

6. Shoot Landscape Too

Don’t take just a few steps back - go way back! Capturing your subject in a landscape shot can induce a dreamy quality, as if you’re getting an inside ticket to a private moment. Contrast the beauty of your subject with the beauty of a landscape.

10 Tips for Capturing Perfect Wedding Photos

Credit: Sara Falugo

7. Use (and Don’t Use) a Flash 

One of the principle concerns of any photographer is lighting and how the flash will either enhance or detract from the subject matter. Don’t point your flash directly at your subject unless the environment calls for it. 

8. Take Note of Those Who Are In the Pictures

Framing your pictures correctly requires attention to detail. When you’re shooting a wedding party, people of all shapes and sizes will be there. Don’t be afraid to move people around to maintain photo balance.

9. Smile

Even the happiest bride may not be smiling during her entire wedding. Unless you’re capturing a serious moment, remind your subjects to smile!

10. Shoot in Black and White

Shooting in color is popular, but shooting in black and white gives a photo an artistic quality. These are best reserved for romantic moments between the bride and the groom.

10 Tips for Capturing Perfect Wedding Photos

Source: Artisan Events

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