4 Photo Managers that Make Storage Easy for Digitized Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Aug 06, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

4 Photo Managers that Make Storage Easy for Digitized PhotosWhat's better than the feeling you get after cleaning and organzing your closet? Even though digital files don't take up physical space, the sense of accomplishment you'll feel after organizing your digitized photos will still be there.

You’ve gone through the process of digitizing photos and now you’ve got thousands of image files.

What's next?

Organizing your digitized photos is just as important as getting prints scanned in the first place.

Whether you digitized photos yourself or you used a reliable photo scanning service, afterwards there are programs that lend a helping hand to ensure your photos are organized according to your liking. There’s even a bonus: These programs also allow you to edit your digitized photos.

These are four programs that we enjoy using and think you will too.

4 Photo Managers that Make Storage Easy for Digitized Photos

1. Picasa (From Google)

Organize, edit, and share your photos with Picasa

Ideal for those are new to photo editing, this program is free and works with PC’s and Macintosh computers. Users claim this software is very easy to use, which makes organizing your pictures a breeze. Using a folder system, you can easily divide photos into sub-categories. If you digitize new photos, simply select an existing folder for import or create a new one. Basic editing features like removing red eye and cropping are also available.

2. Apple iPhoto

This program won’t work for PC users, but comes free with new Mac computers. If you’ve got an old Mac, you may be able to upgrade for a reasonable price. This program is still geared towards new users, but allows slightly more organizing freedom than Picasa. You can choose to have iPhoto sort pictures for your or handle the organizing yourself. iPhoto also has basic editing features and allows you to add effects to your photos.

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

If you’re ready to dive into organizing and editing, this software may be worth the purchase price. Compatible with both Macs and PC’s, this software offers more options than iPhoto and Picasa. If you’re new to the Photoshop program, take some time to learn the information because the interface can be intimidating at first. Lightroom works in conjunction with files on your main hard drive, allowing you to choose which ones are imported. While this requires more organization on your part, the true benefit of this program is its photo editing abilities.

4. Apple Aperture

Think of Aperture as iPhoto on steroids. Only used with a Mac computer, this program is pricey, but good enough to use for professional purposes. Where organization is concerned, Aperture uses a library as well as projects and folders. This allows you to create sub-categories, which help you break up photos. The program also allows you to keep individual photo information, like where it was taken, the scanner setting for a digitized photo, and who is in the picture. This is a great tool for digitizing photos because it allows you to save information for future generations.

Digitizing photos isn’t just about protecting original pictures; it’s a way to tell your family story for years to come. Make sure your pictures are organized and choose a program that’s easy to use and that suits your ability. As you gain some experience, you can try out different programs.

For more ideas on what to do with your digital photos, see our complete ebook, "25 Ways to Share Your Digital Photos."


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