Why Scan Black and White Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Aug 03, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

scanning black and white photosIn the past, the only color option that existed for photographers was black and white. At the time, this wasn't an issue because the sheer idea of capturing a picture was still astonishing.

Color photography wasn’t invented until the mid-1840s and became available to the general public in the 1930s with the release of Kodachrome film. Black and white photography still remained popular into the 1970s because it was the affordable option.

Old black and white photos represent a time long past. Scanning photos is a great way to preserve these black and white images.

Professional and amateur photographers alike can choose between a color and black and white setting, but can you imagine shooting pictures with only one option? You couldn't capture the colors of a rainbow or a sunset, or the variety of shades in a flower garden. It's nice to have choices in today's modern society, but black and white photos have an important place in our hearts and in the world of photography.

Why Scan Black and White Photos?


Protect your old black and white photos by scanning them. The older pictures are, the more likely they will deteriorate. When you scan photos, you preserve the current quality forever. No matter what happens to the pictures, you have a valuable back up. While the scanned photos will exist on your computer, a computer is still subject to fire or flood damage.


Some black and white photos are very valuable, so the idea of using them for a creative project is out of the question. However, print your scanned photos to honor your family's history at the next family get together. While duplicate photos are common today, photography in the past was rare, so many families may not be aware of the vast collection you hold. Scanning photos is a great way to share old black and white images, but it's also fun to take old color photos and turn them black and white to give them a retro feel. We may not know what we've got until it's gone, but the good thing about black and white photos is that while the only photography option was black and white is gone, the option to use it isn't!

The Power of Contrast

Black and white images create an effect hard to replicate in color images. Scanning color photos in black and white can bring your family images to life, especially when they capture poignant moments like a mother and baby together for the first time.

Black and white photos are timeless, whether originally captured that way or edited. If you're scanning photos, don't forget the old black and white pictures floating at the bottom of the box. They're a part of your story, and scanning your black and white pictures will allow you to preserve that story.

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