Why Scrapbookers Should Scan Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jul 25, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Why Scrapbookers Should Scan PhotosScrapbooking requires an artist’s eye -- it’s so much more than simply adhering photos to acid free paper. Scrapbooking is a hobby that has quickly evolved into an art form, and at the center of its purpose is preserving memories.

This is exactly what you do when you scan photos. While a scrap booker will take a physical picture and adorn it with related decorative and meaningful items, the beauty of scanning photos occurs within the computer.

In today’s society, there are many advantages of scanning photos.

Scan Your Photos for Protection

Someone who scrapbooks understands the importance of preservation. The whole point of a scrapbook is to tell a story whereas your average photo album can feel historically flat.

Scanning photos is important to protecting the integrity of your photographs. Even if you store your photos appropriately, you cannot predict a devastating house fire. Once you scan your photos, back them up with a zip drive stored in a fire proof safe. While your scrapbooks may not survive a natural disaster, your digital photos have a good shot! 

Scan Your Photos to Enhance Their Quality

The quality of a scrapbook relies on the beauty and meaning of a photo. No one wants to spend valuable time scrapbooking a box full of pictures that are plagued by red eyes, washed out faces, and grainy images.

After you scan photos, you have the ability to import damaged photos into a photo editing program and fix simple problems that enhance the original photo. Keep in mind that problems which occurred during the image processing can’t be fixed by photo editing software, but most small issues are easily corrected.

Scan Your Photos to Get Creative

Anyone who enjoys scrapbooking likely enjoys other creative endeavors. When you use the original image to scrapbook, you’re limited. The photo can’t be cropped or blown up and cutting the original image is out of the question. This limits how many pictures you can actually fit on the page. But, if you scan photos, there are many services that allow you to create a collage out of many different pictures and print it out. In addition to collages, many services allow you to add text, borders, and other enhancements.

Additionally, scanning photos is a great way to further your creative pursuits. Print out images to create a photo banner at your next family event. Blow up several images to create a hallway photo display or pass along old pictures to other family members. The benefits of scanning photos are unlimited. For the scrapbooking community, it’s a must!

Looking for more ideas on what to do with your digital photos?


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