10 Things That Will Inspire Your Inner Photographer

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

10 Things That Inspire Your PhotosWe’ve all heard of writer’s block but what about photographer’s block? It’s that feeling of holding your camera in your hand like a dead weight, with nothing inspirational jumping out to you.

Now, we know you probably love to scan photos just as much as you love capturing them, but what’s a photographer to do when everything seems so flat?

We’ve compiled a list of some inspirational references.

10 Things That Will Inspire Your Inner Photographer

1. Art

Take a stroll through an art museum or visit a local gallery. When you examine other’s interpretation of the world, it can inspire a renewed vision within yourself. Expose yourself to a variety of art, including sculpture and even street art. You never know what will flip the creative switch.

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

Photo Credit: Vincent Van Gogh 

2. Landscapes

It doesn’t matter whether you head to the beach or the mountains, Mother Nature will provide spectacular scenery. Pack a lunch and hit the road. Turn off your GPS and take the road less traveled.

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

Photo Credit: Pinterest

3. Websites and Blogs

We understand you’re busy so maybe getting out of town isn’t an option. Luckily, in this modern era, inspiration can be found with the click of a mouse. We’ve compiled a list of blogs we think are helpful; 5 Blogs Worth Your Subscription.

4. Wonders of the World

The official “Wonders of the World” list has changed throughout the years. If you can’t find something inspirational right in front of you, look to other countries and history.

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

Photo Credit: VR Photo

5. Photography Books

Reference the professionals to give you a fresh take on photography. Notice the different angles used and how subjects are positioned.

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

Photo Credit: Craig Ferguson Images

6. Food

Have you considered what goes into styling food for photography? You’ll notice in this picture how the cherries are blurred and the focus is on the cake. Could you work that approach into other photo forms?

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

Photo Credit: Wild Olive

7. People

We’re exposed to airbrushed supermodels and celebrities every day. Find beauty in the normalcy of people and watch so-called imperfections turn into the highlight of the photo.

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

Photo Credit: Senatore Edmondo

8. Flowers

Stop and smell the roses. Then, take a photo of them. Walk through a garden, or, if you don’t have a green thumb, gaze at the neighbor’s flowers. Flowers come in a huge variety of shapes and colors, forcing a photographer to assess the best viewpoints.

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

Photo Credit: Jennifer Squires Productions

9. Architecture

For some, natural beauty is essential to the creative process. For others, the city stimulates all senses. Certain man-made buildings are awe inspiring. Look up to capture the contrast of architecture and the sky.

10 Things To Inspire Your Photos

10. Magazines and Newspapers

Many renowned photojournalists’ work appears in daily and monthly publications. Their work demonstrates the idea that a picture really can be worth a thousand words.

While we can’t guarantee this list will fix your block, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that doesn’t at least intrigue your creative mind. Bookmark this blog post for easy reference. Finding inspiration is the key to capturing a great photo.

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