What You Need To Know About Beach Photography

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Jul 20, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

What You Need To Know About Beach PhotographyThe sun, the sand, and the surf are a famous trio, responsible for relaxation and great summer vacation memories. However, capturing great beach pictures can be tough.

While the ocean makes for a relaxing time, trying to get the perfect photo could be stressful.

With just a few tweaks in form and focus, you can take beach pictures that practically make you hear the waves while sitting in your office. Follow these tips on your next beach vacation!

Nobody Wants to Go to the Beach? Perfect!

Rainy or stormy weather keeps most beach-goers away, but this is the perfect time to catch the ocean in motion. Waves will be frothier and more frequent. Pictures of storm clouds rolling in are impressive and winds can cause flags to flap violently. Use this opportunity to practice ISO settings and aperture speeds for top quality photos.

Find a Focal Point

If there’s something besides the ocean in your picture, it breaks up the vastness that is the beach. Try to find a wave crashing on a rock or a pelican diving into the water. Remember, your job as a photographer is to tell a story. Try to capture the things that remind you of the beach trip, like sand castles and shoes by the water.

Use Filters to Eliminate UV Fog

Have you ever taken a picture that seemed to have a blue glaze? UV rays don’t just burn your skin. Lenses can be sun damaged as well, creating the blue glaze. Protect your lenses and your pictures by attaching polarizing filters. They’ll also help reduce glare and intensify certain colors.

Photograph Before Breakfast, During Dinner

If sleeping in is on your agenda, try to pick at least one day to wake up early and capture pictures of the early morning beach sun. The same principle applies for the evening. When the sun is at angle, shadows and colors appear that you wouldn’t normally see during the day.

Force the Flash

Of course, there are times when it’s the mid- day and you just have to take a picture. People can end up with shadows on their face due to hats or sunglasses but this can be fixed. Force your flash to fire while shooting people in bright lights and those shadows will disappear. This will require a manual setting.

Black and White is Beautiful

While the blue sky, blue water, and golden sand can be intoxicating, don’t forget about old fashioned black and white photography. This can help increase contrast in photos that would otherwise fall flat. It also creates a specific kind of mood that color beach photos don’t always achieve.

Next time you go on a beach vacation, use your extra time to experiment with your camera. You might be surprised at the amount of photographic diversity the beach can deliver.

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Photo Credit: Flickr

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