5 Secrets About Converting Pictures to Digital

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jul 11, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

5 Secrets About Converting Pictures To DigitalWe live in a digital era. People have the ability to take pictures on phones and tablets which – now difficult to imagine -- didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Today’s cameras have the ability to upload pictures directly to your computer, but chances are you’ve been taking photos your entire life without iPhones. You might remember doing so with those handy-dandy little cameras in cardboard boxes - AKA disposable cameras.

Almost everyone has albums of pictures and shoe boxes of negatives stored away. Like many, you may have told yourself that one day when you have time, you’ll put those photos in albums, or get those negatives to be converted. Not only have digital phones and tablets changed the way we take photos, they’ve changed the way we store photos.

Instead of sharing bulky photo albums with friends and family, people now pull out phones and tablets, seamlessly scrolling with their finger from one photo to the next. That’s certainly easier to share than a bunch of yellowed albums. So the question remains - have you thought about converting your pictures to digital files yet?

It can be scary entrusting a scanning service with your one of a kind photos, but they're professionals. The time is takes to convert pictures to digital is lengthy, but we believe knowledge is power. So, here are a few things you might not know about converting pictures to digital images that will set your mind at ease.

5 Secrets About Converting Pictures to Digital

1. Converted Pictures are Protected

Over time, prints and negatives fade. If they’re not stored properly, things like light, heat, and humidity cause deterioration. There are safe ways to store your photos, but when you convert pictures to digital images, you always have a quality back up.

2. It’s Easy to Convert Pictures to Digital Images 

Scanning years’ worth of memories doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. We’ve established simple guidelines for sending your photos to us that also ensures their protection. It might take some time to gather all the photos you need, but once you send the pictures off, we will take care of the rest.

3. Organizing Converted Pictures is Simple 

Have you ever attempted to organize your photo collection only to feel frustrated and overwhelmed? With scanned images, you can create folders on your computer and organize a little bit each day.  Some programs even let you tag images and write captions to help remember the moment. (Another improvement that eliminates those sometimes hard-to-read cursive notes your grandmother stuck in photo albums to caption pictures.)

4. Converting Photos is Fast and Affordable 

Since scanning services use professional grade scanners, turnaround time is minimal. This means you receive your digital images within days instead of weeks. Secure shippers are always used, so you know exactly where your photos are during the return journey. Converting photos is affordable too! FotoBridge offers flat rate package pricing, so there are no surprise charges.

5. Converting Pictures to Digital Images is Only the Beginning 

If you have an extensive collection of family memories, you’re likely to have slides, negatives, and videos mixed in with your photos. Other formats are subject to deterioration as well, but a scanning service can protect those too! Convert pictures to digital and take care of all your other formats in one place.

Now that you understand the secrets about converting pictures to digital files, are you ready to get started? Just take the process one step at a time and you’ll be enjoying your digital images before you know it. Share the files with family and friends or display them at your next gathering. Once you’ve converted pictures, the possibilities for sharing are endless. You can check out some of our suggestions on how to do just that throughout our blog. Happy scanning!

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