Photo Scanning Myths Busted

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Jul 06, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Photo Scanning Myths BustedIf you’ve watched television within the past few years, you might be familiar with the popular series, “Mythbusters.” The premise of the show presents several scientists who debunk popular myths using real life situations and the scientific method. While we don’t claim to be chemists and physicists here at FotoBridge, we’ve certainly heard our fair share of photo scanning myths.

In our experience, these myths have been put to the test and busted, but you deserve to know the details. With peace of mind about photo scanning, you can use your valuable time to do other things on your list, but don’t let your anticipation about preserving your photos allow you to fall prey to these photo scanning myths!

Photo Scanning Myths Busted

1. DIY Scanning Is Just As Good

We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve met some talented scanners in our time. However, selecting a scanner and learning the intricacies associated with, not only the machine, but the way it handles multiple photo formats, is time consuming. If scanning photos isn’t your passion, it can be frustrating. Let the professionals handle the technological aspects.

2. It’s Too Expensive to Scan My Photos

There are many photo scanning services available and prices vary. Do research before selecting a service, and don’t necessarily base your choice solely on price. While cheaper isn’t necessarily better, expensive services may just be overpriced. At FotoBridge, our services have various price packages available. We’re sure you can find something that works with your budget!

3. Only Scan Photos at the Highest Resolution

Unnecessarily scanning at high DPIs results in less hard drive space for all your pictures. Most modern pictures are printed at 300 DPI, which is suitable for a moderate resolution. You won’t lose quality and you’ll save valuable computer space. Certain occasions, like enlarging a photo, call for a higher resolution when scanning, and knowing when to use the right resolution settings is essential when scanning photos. 

Take these pieces of information and pass them along, as photo scanning is a valuable service that saves time and money - and that’s no myth!


Photo Credit: Flickr

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