How Smartphones Have Impacted Photography

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jul 04, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

How Smartphones Have Impacted PhotographyIf you’re like most people, you have a smart phone that allows you to access your email and other accounts with a touch of your finger. In fact, Pew Research Center found that 56% of American adults are now smartphone owners. Modern phones had cameras as early as 2000, but some current models have replaced the need for a digital camera. Today, more smartphones are being shipped worldwide than flip phones, which only means one thing that we’re especially excited about: more cameras, and thus, more photos! 

Phones today incorporate music, communication, and photos all in one device and make it easy to connect with others. That also means many cameras – digital or not – aren’t touched as often. Photos are more often taken with a phone than a camera. It also means all those old pictures, pre-iPhone era, are likely collecting dust.

However, a photo taken today with an iPhone doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a better photo than one you previously took with any other type of camera. For that reason, those ‘old-fashioned’ photos may contain some gems you don’t want to forget about, but possibly will unless you ‘rescue them’ and bring them back to life! That makes photo scanning in today’s digital world more important than ever - instead of letting your pictures sit in the box, scan your photos and start sharing them, especially considering the ways now available to share digital photos!

How has a smart phone impacted your life? Here are a few ways being dialed into modern technology has changed us.

Smartphones Changed the Way We Took Pictures

The business of professional photography isn’t going anywhere soon, but the number of amateurs has certainly increased. Before smartphones, forgetting your digital camera at home meant missing a good picture opportunity. Today, people rarely leave the house without their phone. Now, with services like Instagram and Hipstamatic, not only can you take a great picture, but you can add effects and optimize it. Conveniently, smartphones have allowed us to seize the moment anytime we feel inspired! 

With one-touch photography, the chance to capture beautiful pictures increases and makes the hobby accessible to everyone. Who knows where it could lead?

Smartphones Changed How We Share Pictures

You may be someone who has experienced sitting around a slide machine, viewing vacation pictures. The only way friends and family have previously seen these images were during gatherings. Now, thanks to social media, you know what your cousin in California just had for lunch. While her tuna sandwich might not be picture worthy, it just goes to show how instantly connected we can be through photos.

Smartphones allow every user to be a potential photographer or videographer. Even news outlets have begun accepting viewer pictures and videos. Essentially, smartphones have helped redefine what live and immediate coverage means.

The Future of Photography

With the invention of tablets, we’ve taken technology one step further, but that doesn’t mean to forget about all your old pictures hidden away in boxes. Scanning photos makes it easier to share those “throwback” photos from your prom or your parents’ wedding pictures. Services like Linea even allow users to browse photos without using social media. 

While smartphones likely won’t replace traditional photography methods, they’ve certainly brought out the photographer in all of us. Looking through a lens, whether it’s a phone or DSLR, can give you a new perspective on the world.

We promise to keep scanning photos from your archives while you keep taking new ones!

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