Showcase Your Summer Vacation Memories With a Photo Scanning Service

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Jul 02, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

Showcase Your Summer Vacation Memories With a Photo Scanning ServiceA vacation from work is the perfect time to relax and find something fun to do. What’s even better is taking a trip with family or friends to spend some time in a new place. 

Whether it’s going to the beach or an amusement park with your family, it’s guaranteed to be an enjoyable and memorable time. What better way to capture these memories than to take a ton of pictures? 

Before everything went digital, you or your parents filled up rolls of film with pictures and sent them to be developed when you returned home from vacation. Today, you upload pictures onto your computer and decide what to do with them. 

Why You Should Use a Photo Scanning Service for Your Old Vacation Photos

Are your old vacation pictures in photo albums? Or are they just separated into boxes? Either way, this isn’t the safest way to store or share these fun memories. Physical photos can quickly deteriorate and the quality of the image will be lost. Sharing these physical photos with friends can ruin your pictures with fingerprints and bent edges.

With the summer months being popular for family trips, maybe you have one planned within the next few weeks or you’ve already returned from a great vacation. Do you remember some of your trips from when you were younger?

More recent vacation pictures were probably taken with a digital camera. Everyone has some old ones that can be digitized for a better way to store them. Here’s some great tips on what you can do with your pictures when they’re digital.

4 Tips For After You Digitize Photos

  • Create an online photo album with a company like Linea. Share the albums with your family members or friends, and have another place where your photos are stored.

  • Create photo albums that you can have printed and sent to you with each separate vacation destination. Make your own library filled with books of your vacation memories.

  • Make a scrapbook out of the old photos; it doesn’t matter if you cut them up now because you have them saved digitally.

  • Use the digitized photos to make some unique personalized things like a pillow with a picture of your vacation spot.

When you’re preparing and packing for your vacation this summer, do you think about your past trips? Pull out your old pictures and send them to a photo scanning service so you can have them digitized. When you’re back from vacation, you can add the new pictures from this year’s trip to your computer and have them all stored in one safe spot.

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