Organize and Scan Photos One Step at a Time

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Organize and Scan Photos One Step at a TimeMili Parra Castro, professional photo organizer and owner of Pictures with Magic, LLC understands that scanning photos can be overwhelming. However with just a few tips, it can actually be easy! Taking the first step is sometimes the hardest.

"One very overwhelming thing for the clients is to START. They have pictures everywhere and sometimes it’s hard for them to make the decision to start looking for them. Also, they feel hesitant to let go of their albums."

Despite the many reasons to scan photos, it can be difficult to part with so many precious memories. You may wonder where your pictures are going and who will be scanning them. The professionals over here at FotoBridge have years of experience and Mili speaks about working with FotoBridge.

"The process has been easy. The quality is very good and the support through both e-mail and live chat has been very helpful."

It’s a great thing to scan photos and preserve memories so don’t let organization stand in your way. It’s a simple process if you break it down step by step. The task becomes more manageable and before you know it, you've gotten your photos scanned and then completely organized. Mili has two tips that you might find helpful as you begin to organize your picture albums.

"1. When organizing old pictures be with somebody objective. It can be very hard to get rid of some of them.

2. Be realistic regarding quality and meaning."

If the idea of throwing a picture away makes you nervous at first, try setting questionable photos aside first. During the organizing process, you may find a much better photo of the same moment but from a different angle. It pays to be choosy in your process.

These are the memories that you’re handing down to your family. Once you scan photos, they have the ability to continue for many years after you’re gone. Organizing the originals keeps your physical archives in a valuable state to pass along to generations as well.

It only takes a little bit of effort each to scan and then organize photos. Any pictures that don’t make the cut can always be used for DIY projects!

If you're looking to get in touch with Mili, feel free to email her at or call her at (561) 703-9789.

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