Why You Should Consider Using Linea After You Convert Photos to Digital

Posted by Julie Morris on Fri, Jun 07, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Why Not Create a Photo Book After You Convert Photos to DigitalPhotographs are essential to keeping family memories alive and well. When they’re stuck in a box or on a bookshelf, it’s hard to show a new friend how precisely the moment was captured. But, when you convert photos to digital, it’s much easier to show off all of your important moments.

After converting your photos to digital, Linea is a great app that allows you to create beautiful photo books (among other options), which creatively display your newly converted photos.

Why Convert Photos to Digital?

There are multiple reasons to digitize photos. It’s a great way to protect your photos. As physical images age, the quality of the picture deteriorates. Photo editing software can’t save a badly damaged original picture. Having a digital copy ensures that you always have a good copy. One of the main reasons to convert photos to digital images is the fact that we live in a digital age. There are millions of pictures uploaded to the web on a daily basis.

Linea: Simply Beautiful Photo Browsing

Linea allows users to browse photos and keep up to date with friends and family without having to worry about status updates and gaming requests. Share photos with selected members using the Photo Line feature. Other users that have access to your Photo Line can also upload pictures of their own, creating an entire collaborative line. Your account can be easily accessed from your iPad, iPhone, and on the web.

When you convert photos to digital images with FotoBridge, you have the FREE option to choose to upload them to Linea. This will give you the opportunity to create a beautiful digital photo book. Linea also backs up all photos and stores them in high resolution, making sure your pictures are just as clear as your memories. This is the first app that allows users to creatively arrange photos and print it out from the iPad. Choose from different photo sizes and layouts to create a meaningful gift for holidays and events.

Multiple opportunities exist for creative and crafty projects. Linea is an app that makes it easy for everyone to share pictures and create beautiful photo books at the same time!


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