Why You Should Digitize Photos for Your Upcoming Family Reunion

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, May 25, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Why You Should Digitize Photos for Your Upcoming Family ReunionIf there’s any event that’s worth digitizing photos for, it’s a family reunion. Whether it’s a one day event or a weeklong vacation on the coast, a reunion is the perfect time to recollect and create new memories. Now, you can make it easier to remember the good times and revisit the places you’ve been through digitized photos. It’s not hard to do – you don’t have to be a photographer to do it. It’s also a great way to protect your memories. If you want to re-visit times you feel were the ‘times of your life,’ here are a few reasons why you should digitize photos for family reunions.

Build Excitement for the Event

Everyone in your family has a different perspective - and we’re not talking about sports and politics. Your collection of pictures is completely different than Cousin Jamie’s, so when it’s time to digitize photos, get family members to contribute. Maybe someone has a picture of the sunrise you missed or from a previous family birthday party. When the entire family is involved, you have a more comprehensive collection. Plus, everyone will be excited to see all the different photographs!

Showcase Memories

Once you’ve got the photos scanned, plan on the big reveal. A traditional slide show is always popular. If you feel like getting creative, consider organizing pictures by events and decorate a few frames to reflect the place. Another idea is to take family portraits and create a photo family tree. Using a real tree would make for a great natural display! Showing pictures in a digital slideshow at a family reunion is a great way to get conversation started and soon enough, you’ll be taking new photos.

Surprise Souvenirs

Maybe your cousin would really love a copy of her mother’s elementary school picture or your uncle has been looking for that photo of him riding his motorcycle for years. Once you digitize photos, it’s easy to share copies and create memorable souvenirs. After the reunion, send a copy of the slidehow to your relatives. If someone wants a specific picture, use a print copy apply it to a woodblock or utilize other DIY projects and send it gift wrapped.

Family reunions are all about staying in touch with loved ones and remembering what truly makes you a family. Photos tell a story almost as well as your Uncle Bill – digitizing your photos for family reunions allows the whole family to enjoy your memories!

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