Who Else Wants to Convert Slides to Digital?

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Apr 06, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Who Else Wants To Convert Slides To Digital?FotoBridge has worked with over 20,000 customers. We have digitized archives for families, institutions, and businesses. So why would you want to work with us too? Why convert your slides to digital with FotoBridge?

Obviously we can think of a million reasons why you might want to digitize slides with us (must be our good looks and irresistible charm) but we thought we might be a little biased. So, we wanted you to have the opportunity to see what we’re really talking about from other perspectives.

Of the 20,000 customers we have worked with some notable groups include the University of Pennsylvania, Dietz and Watson, Women and Infants Hospital, and the Bureau of Land Management of Salt Lake City.

Who has converted slides with FotoBridge?

The University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Hematology chose to digitize more than 9,000 slides for education and research with FotoBridge. The Women and Infants Hospital’s Department of Perinatal Pediatric Pathology digitized over 15,000 slides also to aid their efforts for education and research. The Bureau of Land Management of Salt Lake City in Utah digitized over 10,000 slides to more easily access resources across multiple departments of their government. Together that is about 34,000 slides - and that’s only a few of our customers!

Dietz and Watson is one of the largest preparers of Premium Deli Meats and Artisan Cheeses, with distribution at the finest supermarkets and neighborhood delis throughout the United States and selected foreign markets. They entrusted FotoBridge to convert slides, photos, movie film, and videos covering over 90 years of their company history. 

Large organizations aren’t the only customers we have done work for - we’ve also converted slides to digital for many people and their family collections.

What Our Customers Are Saying

J. Hallam from Austin, Texas wrote, "I wanted to let you all know how extremely pleased I am with your service. I appreciate the extreme care used in getting the job done, not to mention 10,000 is a lot of slides. I only hope that whoever did the job had as much fun as we'll have viewing. The slideshow movies are especially well done with the beautiful music - bravo! It's so beautiful it brings tears as I watch and listen."

K. Eastin from Valley Cottage, New York said, "I have to say I was very hesitant to send 1,000 family slides to strangers. But I bought a slide converter and tried to do it myself but the pictures were coming out just terrible so I had to trust someone. FotoBridge your team is FANTASTIC! You have far exceeded my expectations. Your On-line chat group kept me informed as we moved along and the pictures...well...I just don't know what to say they are beyond beautiful and crystal clear as if we just snapped them yesterday."

E. Herbert of South Hadley, MA shared, "I am so pleased with the results of the transfer of my slides to DVD. Some of them were 60 years old and yet the color and sharpness were amazing. My children and grandchildren loved especially loved seeing photos of past travels. Many thanks."

We treat each order we receive as if they were our very own family’s memories. We make sure that the result you’ll see is the best possible.

So what are you waiting for? We’re itching to get the chance to help you convert your slides to digital too!

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