Your Scanned Pictures Are Better Safe Than Sorry

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Apr 04, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Your Scanned Pictures: Better To Be Safe Than SorryYou’ve gone and done it - you’ve taken your prized prints and got them digitized!

Don’t forget that you still need to protect them! Wondering why you need to do that? Are you thinking, “This is how I backed up my photographs - why do I need to back up these digital copies?”

The thing is that your scanned pictures are now just as important as your original photos. This medium is what is going to outlive the paper photographs in your archives. You should make sure that if you’re in a position where you no longer have your original photographs, your digital copies are saved in multiple places.

Local Backup

Picture Keeper

Picture keeper is a device you can purchase that holds thousands of photos - up to 250,000. You can also purchase their software and use your own device. This is a great way to have an alternative to your computer’s hard drive. With a picture keeper device, you don’t have to worry about needing software to install, wires to connect, passwords to remember, or a monthly fee. All you need to focus on is keeping your scanned pictures safe.

Time Machine

Time Machine is a great tool available to all Mac users. This built in tool on Mac desktops and laptops designed by Apple works with your Mac and an outside hard drive. All you need to do is tell Time Machine to back up and it does the rest of the work for you. As long as it is plugged it, Time Machine will do automatic back ups of all your photos (along with the rest of your hard drive). Set it and forget it!

Cloud Backup

Photo Hosting Sites

Tablets & Smartphone Apps

Backup Services

Archival DVDs

Another medium you should think about using to back up your digital photos with is a DVD. A photo scanning service will usually do this for you. If you are at home, you can simply buy blank DVDs and save your photos to them. Label them for quick reference and keep them somewhere easily accessible. Your DVDs will last decades as opposed to pictures which have much more numbered years.

So, since you're going to be a pro at backing up your digital photos now, why not start thinking about how you are going to share them? Download our free ebook today for 25 ideas on how to share your digital memories!


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