Why You Should Convert VHS Tapes to DVD Sooner Rather Than Later

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Why You Should Convert VHS Tapes to DVD Sooner Rather Than LaterSo if you’ve got prints and negatives chances are you’ve also got a box of video tapes lying around your house. Are they piling up? Taking up space in your house you could be using for other things? Or are you bored at home looking for a new project to get your hands on? There are a multitude of reasons why you should convert VHS tapes to DVD.

This is going beyond preserving your memories – we know you know that saving the one-of-a-kind-memories like dance recitals, weddings and anniversaries is a no brainer. There are so many other topics that can be the catalyst to convert VHS tapes to DVD.

Save Space

You could have five or ten tapes…or maybe a couple hundred. You might have one or two boxes…or maybe 25. If it is the latter of either scenario, think of everything you could be doing with that space instead of saving dusty, old, VHS tapes. Depending on where you live, space might be a limited resource. If you convert your boxes of VHS to DVDs, the need for a large space would almost completely diminish - DVDs are much thinner and smaller. They can also be stored in plastic sleeves like ones commonly used for CDs.

DIY Projects

After converting your VHS tapes to DVD, you have a couple options. You can keep the tapes in storage, find a trusted source to recycle them with, or use them in a DIY project. If you aren’t looking to keep the VHS tapes, having a little fun with them is a great idea!


So, you want to keep a few VHS tapes – the ones that carry the most memories. We think this is a really creative way to showcase them. Perhaps they have handwritten notes on the side that evoke memories or the tape itself carries a family story. Bookends are an easy DIY project – all you needs is some glue, a black blank CD and two VHS tapes. Glue the VHS standing up on each CD in the middle of the circle and place them on either end of books. Beautiful addition to a bookcase in your house!

Bows With VHS Tapes

If you really have no interest in keeping your old VHS in tact after converting, you can rip out some of the tape and create bows. Who needs to buy bags of ribbon during Christmastime? This is a great at home solution instead of buying ribbon. It also adds a personal touch to any gift you are giving.  

Picture Quality

VHS tapes typically only last for about 15 years. Even if you don’t watch the tape it can still deteriorate from the mere aging process. The tape’s magnetic material can potentially deteriorate so much that it falls off.

The quality of the video itself is also an issue. When VHS first came out the quality was superior to anything else available however now technology is much more advanced. The illustrations on a VHS tape are coded directly into the magnetic tape. As time goes on, the pictures become grainy and the color will fade.

Susceptible to Damage

Forgotten VHS tapes in your basement or a neglected closet are extremely susceptible to natural disasters like floods or fires. By converting your VHS tapes to DVD you can keep them in a more accessible area and also rip the videos to other mediums like your computer or an external hard drive creating multiple back ups.

VCRs can also pose a problem to your VHS tapes. If a VCR malfunctions it is possible to ruin your VHS tape. The magnetic strip can get caught and get tangled beyond repair. On the other hand, DVDs are said to last upwards of 100 years. DVDs can also be played in several different places – DVD player, computer, portable DVD player, etc.

Video Tape Mold

This might not be something you’ve ever thought of before. The magnetic tape on a VHS can attract mold. It is actually said to be one leading causes of data loss. A video tape with enough mold grown on it can be unreadable causing you to lose your family memories forever. Mold on VHS tape looks like white power spots. If you happen to notice this, try to get these tapes separated from the others as soon as possible and have them cleaned and professionally scanned so your memories are safe.

Looking to convert you VHS to DVD? Let a professional scanning service help you – they do all the hard work! If you need help identifying the kind of video you have in your archives check out our FREE eBook here – “The Ultimate Guide to Slide, Negative, Film & Video Formats”

The Ultimate Guide to Slide, Negative, Film & Video Formats

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