Slide Scanning Services Specialize in 35mm

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 12:30 PM
Slide Scanning Services Specialize in 35mm

It is said that Oscar Barnack was the first to use 35mm film in a still camera in 1913. He is sometimes referred to as the grandfather of 35mm photography because of this fact. Positive film makes up a 35mm slide. It is commonly found mounted in plastic or cardboard frames. Slides were commonly used in art classes and to teach art history because of the color accuracy they provided when viewed through a projector. Today, 35mm is still the most popular film used by both professional and amateur photographers because of its convenience, inexpensive pricing structure and the strength of image quality produced.

Slide Scanning Services Specialize in 35mm

The slides you may find around your basement or attic are most likely going to be 35mm. Many years ago to convert 35mm slides to digital you would have had to go to a local “Mom and Pop” shop. These places may have not specialized in slide scanning therefore subjecting you to leave treasured memories in the hands of amateurs. Fortunately, the scenery has changed around this process and evolved it into a much more friendly place for your memories. There are now slide scanning services that specialize in converting slides to digital.

You can see this drastic move to companies enlisting experts from the amount of investment companies like FotoBridge have taken into their building and employees. FotoBridge uses dedicated film scanners for film and slides, which are very different than flat bed scanners. They are specially adapted so that the quality increases for the final product. FotoBridge is always looking for the latest and greatest technology to assure the best quality possible - especially when it comes to accurate coloring.  

In addition, making purchases over the Internet has become a much more comfortable process for several reasons including the fact that there are several secure shippers ecommerce websites now utilize. This is very apparent when working with slide scanning services, like FotoBridge. FotoBridge uses a special tracking process that is integrated with national shippers in such a way that everything is traceable - leaving you with peace of mind!

Employees of FotoBridge are "capture specialists.” This means they are experts in capturing analog image information and translating that into digital versions. They all have a background in analog and digital photography, all are college graduates, and have an understanding of color science. They are trained in digital imaging and how to calibrate the equipment on a regular basis. These creative and technical people are a big step from who people used to utilize for the digitization of their memories.

We hope this insight gave you a closer look into how slide scanning services have risen to be the new faces of who are converting 35mm slides to digital.

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