iPhoneography That Inspires Us to Scan Pictures

Posted by Julie Morris on Sun, Feb 24, 2013 @ 07:00 PM

iPhoneography That Inspires Us to Scan Pictures

Chances are you’ve joined the cellphone movement and if you don’t already have an iPhone (or a smart phone of some sort), it is coming in your near future. After you scan pictures there are a million apps to choose from to download and utilize for picture taking, sharing and editing.

As if we don’t spend enough time on our phones, computers, laptops we decided to take this opportunity to put together a list of our favorite apps centered around the love of photography. 



Your childhood allowed you to play with an array of toy cameras. With some down time on a weekend why not use your iPhone to play around and get in touch with your inner child? With Fusioncam you have the ability to take photos with a classic single shot or take a stab at re-exposing that shot.

A few features included are:

  • Flash for iPhone 4, for 3GS it's an emulated flash
  • Open up the camera to see the film roll, and choose which photos to develop
  • View beautiful shared photos from around the world


The completely redesigned Genius app allows you to capture video and photos with ease. The New York Times raves, “Camera Genius is a do-it-all app.” 

A few features include:

  • Camera Zoom (Up to 6X digital zoom)
  • Timer & Sound Capture
  • Full Screen Camera Button
  • Prevent Blurry Photos with Anti-shake
  • Gorillacam - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/gorillacam/id342972390?mt=8

This app provides you the ability to put a self-timer on your photos up to 120 seconds and a “stop motion mode”, among many of other options.


For all of you who love your analog photos this app will be your favorite. Hipstamatic is the app that makes digital photography from your iPhone look like an analog photograph. Change your lens, flash and film with the swipe of a finger. You can customize any photo you’ll be taking. 


IncrediBooth gives you, your friends, and family the ability to create a photo booth setting anytime, anywhere. This gives a fun spin on family gatherings when you’re already sharing your newly digitized photos.


Instagram is a great tool allowing you to post and share photos with the public or followers of your choice like Facebook, and other social media platforms but here you have the ability to edit them.

Options on Instagram include:

  • Boarders
  • Photo Effects
  • Crop
  • Rotate


Some features included with Inifinicam are:

  • Automatically generate billions of unique camera styles - it's easy to find a great photo style that nobody else has
  • No in-app purchases needed for new filters - everything's included in the app price
  • Save and reuse any style that you like - think of it as discovering and collecting cameras


Instant110 can be used to take toy and analog style photos. You are able to share your creations with friends and family through social networks and even use images that you already have on your phone.

Features included in the Instant110 app are:

  • Lens, film and developer are changeable after you take a picture.
  • Import images from camera roll.
  • Save images in high resolution to camera roll.
  • Share images on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr and Email.


Love Instagram? KingCamera allows instant sharing to it! There are amazing options for taking pictures, editing and sharing. You have access to a self timer, anti shake, sound trigger, advanced editing settings, one tap sharing and tons more options. This is one of our favorites for sure! 

Leme Cam

Leme Cam just wants you to have fun. Shoot whatever you want, wherever you want! There is a multitude of styles of camera, photo effects, and photo frames. Get shooting! 

Lomora 2

Ever wanted to develop photos? Well now you’ve got your chance with Lomora 2. Create effects for your memories and if you don’t like ‘em, redevelop ‘em! 

We hope we gave you some ideas on ways to have fun while taking pictures with your iPhone. Scan pictures with a photo scanning service and have the ability to use some of these great apps to have fun with the digital copies of your memories. Want some more inspiration on ways to share your digital photos? Check out our free ebook >>


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