Slides to Digital: How FotoBridge Does it So Effectively

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Feb 07, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Slides-to-Digital-How-Fotobridge-does-it-so-effectivelyWe understand that people don’t lightly decide to convert slides to digital. You’re looking for a photo scanning service that knows their stuff – people who are right on target. We don’t usually like to spotlight ourselves but we really believe in what we do over here at FotoBridge. We take your slides and treat them like our own. The reality is that you might feel like your handing over precious memories to a stranger but we understand these are one-of-a-kind memories. We do everything possible at all times of the process to keep your slides safe with us.


Quality at FotoBridge can be boiled down to a few different areas - equipment, process, quality of sensor, settings and operators. We use high-end professional film scanners utilizing the advanced and optimized settings. We also include IDF, Intelligent Digital Finishing, in all our packages at no additional charge. This is an exclusive process to FotoBridge. IDF combines the expertise of an operator with some automated elements. The operator is well versed in color science allowing them to strike the balance between getting the colors, sharpness, trueness to original exposure, and neatness of the slides right.


We pride ourselves on the personal customer service we provide to all of our customers and potential customers. When you call FotoBridge you’ll never get an automated recording - our friendly imaging professionals are always available to answer all of your questions. Are you more of an email person? No worries, our typical response time to an email is 12 hours - but normally we’re even quicker than that. You can also find our Live Chat option available on our website. This enables you to start a conversation via chat room with a live person if phone or email isn’t best for you. Our goal is to simplify your process to convert slides to digital as much as possible.


Our other bread and butter would be the fact that it does not take months to convert slides to digital with FotoBridge. Small print and slide orders, generally regarded as anything 500 and under, only take a few days once we receive them. Medium orders for prints and slides, anything up to 2000, take about 6-8 business days after we receive your originals. Prints and slides amounting over 2000 generally only take a few days longer. If you were looking to get started today, you can feasibly have a digital archive in only a couple weeks!


Our prices reflect all of the above values - it is about being competitive of course, but the price is really more of a reflection of how we achieve the maximum value. You get the highest quality digital project and aren’t required to give up your first born child.

Here at FotoBridge, we understand how important it is for you to understand what we do once you send your slides to be digitized. We pride ourselves on the quality, service, speed and price provided by use of our service.

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