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Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Photo-Scanning-Services-Archive-for-InstitutionsFamilies are not the only people who choose to digitize their archives – it is actually just as common to find educational and other institutions now using photo scanning services to help them preserve their legacies. Some institutions have been around for hundreds of years qualifying them to have much of their history in physical form without any sort of back up. Institutions may share some of the same characteristics with their respective category but you can bet each has their own unique historic attributes worth saving.

Back in 2010, Georgia Tech Research Institute found themselves with a rather large collection of prints, transparencies and other items. They had 75 years worth of images and important information they wished to save digitally leading them to enlist FotoBridge. With FotoBridge’s help, they were able to organize, arrange and classify all the prints and transparencies that they had floating around in their archives. The end result left them with an online portal to their history that is now available globally. GTRI’s core message can be seen highlighted throughout the online archive. They pride themselves on solving tough problems for government and industry by using real world research. You can check out the digital archives created by FotoBridge for GTRI here.

FotoBridge has had the opportunity to work with many other educational establishments. To name a few would include:

It is one thing to digitize your archives because of a move or to save space for storage purposes but it is an entirely different situation to archive to benefit the well being of an organization, like what Georgia Tech Research Institute did. The more popular reasons that institutions digitize with photo scanning services are recruiting, fund raising, and indexing history.


Speaking on behalf of private K-12 schools and Universities, one of the core missions is recruiting. Both require yearly enrollment to keep their organization afloat. One of the best ways to maintain a good rapport is to share images associated with the school in question. This helps people connect more personally with the message that is being conveyed to them. Potential students for both stages of schooling can benefit from visually seeing the history they could potentially be a part of.

Fund Raising

Offices at private schools and universities or colleges focus on fund raising, like recruiting. Fund raising raises the opportunity to re-purpose and re-use digital images. These images can be used in brochures, pamphlets, on websites, and also as a selling feature at a fund raising event. People may have not seen these images for decades – forgotten memories that are resurfaced reengage audiences. 

Index History

More important than recruiting, digitally indexing history for schools can communicate legacies in a way that physical archives can’t. A digital archive can be showcased throughout an institutions communications with their public. No matter what kind of business, institution or organization you are, everyone strives to have consistent branding. Like with GTRI, indexing your history properly in a digital way can help convey your brand’s core message successfully.

FotoBridge not only works with the common household who wants to preserve their memories but also various institutions. One of the more notable ones they have worked with is George Tech Research Institute. Besides wanting to index their history, institutions also focus on digitizing archives for recruiting and fund raising purposes.

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