A Few Quick Tips to Find the Best Photo Scanner

Posted by ed oboyle on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Digital-Photo-Scanning-FotoBridgeSo you have conducted the research, run the numbers, asked friends and family about just how to digitally preserve your one-of-a-kind, life-time photo collection. If you are like many other photo enthusiasts and pros, you’ve concluded that using a (reputable) photo scanning service is the way to go - and what you're looking for is the best photo scanner.

No doubt, using the right photo scanning service can get you high quality results at a reasonable price, while saving you significant time and effort. The good news is that in recent years, many photo scanning services have emerged offering a variety of services, options, and pricing methods designed to meet the preservation needs of consumers and professionals alike.

Today, we believe the photo scanning companies you are most likely to find online are probably among a group of established, professional services using dedicated professionals and topnotch equipment. Several have established reputations for safe, high-quality service that deliver consistent value to the marketplace.

Trust, safety, quality of service, and turnaround time are few of the characteristics we think are most important to consider.


Has the provider been in business long enough to have earned a large customer base? Do customers recommend the company? Do they have a BBB grade that is consistent with “trust”? Does the company provide information about privacy practices? Is their evidence that the company has been “trusted” by notable or prominent clients with particularly sensitive materials and demanding privacy and commercial requirements? 


Does the service provide information about how your media is safeguarded both during transport and during processing?

What is the record of the provider for safeguarding customer photo collections? Are the procedures and practices for protecting your original media reasonable and robust?

Where is the service located and where will your collection be processed? Does the serviceretain a backup for a period of time that ensures you have safely received your originals and newly digital files (and delete those files at the appropriate time in accordance with established privacy policies)? Is the facility where your photos will be stored during processing secured against threats such as fire and water damage. How quickly will your media be digitized and backed-up as measured by the time you ship them to the service provider? Does the provider utilize or require usage of highly reputable shippers with realtime shipment tracking? 

Quality of Service

Does the service offer sample scans of your originals, at no cost? Are they helpful
and responsive to inquiries? Are they flexible and respond favorably to requests?
Are they available? Does the provider offer a satisfaction guarantee? Does the provider perform in a professional manner and employ knowledgeable and capable managers and technicians? What do customers say about level of service and satisfaction with the provider? Are there any truly independent reviews of the service to be considered? 

Turnaround Performance

What is the total elapsed time promised by the provider? Is there any evidence of performance to turnaround estimates or commitments? Does the provider charge extra for expedited service?

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