Why Digitize Slides for Your Next Family Gathering

Posted by Julie Morris on Sun, Jan 13, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

It’s January 13th - we can still talk about New Year’s resolutions right? Like the one you had to digitize slides that are sitting in your basement? Has everyone already forgotten the pledges they made just 12 days ago? Don’t worry - there won’t be any judgment passed here (we’re just as guilty as the next people).

This past week we came across a great blog post in the New York Times that really made us think. KJ Dell'Antonia’s post, 12 New Year’s Resolutions for Happier Families, asked authors she admires to share a single resolution to help shape a happier family life in the year ahead. Her resolution really resonated with us - “who do we want to be as a family in 2013?” She wants her family to get together and talk about what they did and didn’t do well as a family this past year. We know our family didn’t carry through with traditions so we want to take this opportunity to move forward in 2013 - and we can begin by following through with our goal of digitzing slides.

The Real Meaning


95% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving and the NYC Macy's Day Parade began in 1920. It is safe to say these traditions have made it through the test of time. Someone somewhere had to start it and people had to follow.

We talk all the time about the benefits to scanning:

We’ve covered tips and tricks and even given you examples of how and where you can execute this. But KJ’s resolution got us thinking about the real meaning behind digitizing - if we are going to digitize slides, it is about much more than just organizing some boxes and cleaning up the house. Preserving your memories means more than getting a DVD with some newly digitized photos on it. When you go digital, to digitize slides especially, you’re creating a medium that is going to be able to be shared not just tomorrow or next week, but for the next 10 decades. We want our family to have the chance to share our stories with future generations.

Easy to Share

Slides have to be shown on a projector to experience their full glory. Otherwise, they can be found as very small square samples of what probably can be considered highly treasured memory. You don’t find many people with a VHS player these days let alone a working projector. If you want your family traditions to be passed on through generations it's best to come to realize that you’re going to have to tailor the way they are passed on to how the times are changing - like we’ve said before, we live in a digital age, there’s just no escaping that.

Digitizing slides is the first step to creating a lasting impression for our family's history - and we think it would help yours too. Although future generations won't have to digitize slides - there will at least be a pattern created. Memories of traditions will be captured and shared for years to come!

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