Slide Scanning Tips: Convert 35mm Slides to Digital

Posted by ed oboyle on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

Convert-35-mm-slides-to-digitalFinally ready to dust off your 35mm slides and get them digitized? By choosing a slide scanning service to convert your collection of 35mm slides, you will be able to enjoy and share your photos digitally with all your friends and family. Birthday celebrations, holiday parties and family gatherings will be brightened by the memories of your past!

The good news is slide scanning services, like FotoBridge, make converting 35mm slides to digital format a simple process. We have a few tips we'd like to share before you get started - protect your original slides, prepare & organize, clean your slides. 

Tips For Scanning 35mm Slides

Protect Original Slides

A slide scanning service will convert 35mm slides to digital format and then return your original slides. Even though you will now have digital copies made, we recommend you keep your original slides in a safe deposit box or a vault that is fire and waterproof. A good idea would be to also back up the digital format. Make copies of the DVDs you receive and keep those in storage with your original slides. All of your memories are equally precious moments that should be protected in multiple ways.

Prepare & Organize

We recommend a couple things before sending your slides to a slide scanning service. Remove the slides from their carousels or slide pages and separate into stacks. The easiest method for organization is to keep the stacks in separate plastic bags or plastic wrap and label them. If you don’t want to remove all your slides from their carousels, some slide scanning services will perform this step for you. FotoBridge actually has a new slide tray and carousel service that takes care of this - making your life even easier!

Cleaning the Slides

Dedicated film scanners will do this for you. The dust and fine debris stuck to the surface of slides might look like it goes away just by brushing it off however when the slide is magnified during scanning, all the imperfections will be really apparent.

“Digital Ice” is an infrared cleaning process used to make your memories look like they were photographs just taken yesterday. The infrared rays are exposed to the film during the scanning process - it goes through the film but not the specks so the picture “grows” over the smaller imperfections. This process produces flawless digital images of your slides.

Endless possibilities are available for sharing your photos once your 35mm slides are scanned to DVD. Enjoy your memories through digital prints and personalized gifts. Linea is a great app for iPad to make photo books. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

For more information about selecting the right photo and slide scanning service for you, download our free guide --


Photo Courtesy of JTrendler / flickr

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