Latest Updates in Apple's iPhoto '09

Posted by ed oboyle on Mon, Feb 23, 2009 @ 10:15 AM
updated facesApple's iPhoto has been a mainstay for Apple users since 2002. And like everything Apple that been around and has a future, it gets updated regularly to stay fresh and cool. iPhoto '09 has the usual improvements one might expect from a new release, such as enhanced editing features and more tools. But perhaps the biggest jump forward is a new feature Faces.  With Faces, iPhoto automatically organizes your photos by who is in them.  It uses face recognition technology to find faces that look like the same person. Naming people allows you to view the Faces corkboard that contains named faces.  Click on a photo and Faces displays all the photos in your library (regardless of size) that match your selection. Faces suggests photos for you to confirm and gets better at matching the more you use it. People-based Smart Albums update automatically when you confirm the addition of more photos of people Faces recognizes.  Another new feature is Places. With Places, iPhoto uses data from GPS-enabled cameras orthe camera on the iPhone to organize photos by location. Even without the GPS data, Places allows you to enter locations by name, address or by pointing on a map to add geographical information to your photos.  Once tagged, simply type the loaction name or "navigate" to click along a map and display photos. 

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