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Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Apr 08, 2014 @ 05:59 PM

organize-create-discipline-book-4It's been a busy time for Justin Klosky, the former actor-turned professional organizer to the celebrity set and corporate America.  His chart-topping new book Organize & Create Discipline – An A-to-Z Guide to an Organized Existence, continues to draw rave reviews on Amazon, in bookstores and elsewhere.  And along with the book tour that included media appearances on The Anderson Cooper Show and The View as well as speaking and book signing engagements across the country – Justin continues to serve clients such as the Osbornes and Saks Fifth Avenue while managing the thriving firm he founded, OCD Experience.

Digital Organization and Solutions

Justin is a recognized expert in digital organizing techniques; it’s a core service area at OCD Experience.  And digital memories organization is growing as people struggle to tell their stories with the growing surge of photos amassed in this era of the smartphone.  But along with all the new memories captured since the start of digital photography, many people still have large, treasured photo collections in albums, attics, and shoeboxes that need to be digitally persevered and backed-up.  These collections of memories extend to analog photo slides, negatives, home movie film (including the popular Super8 format), and video tapes.  Unlocking those memories to the myriad of digital possibilities, to be safe, secured and sharable for generations to come, is indeed an important undertaking.

All of us at FotoBridge are delighted to be included in Justin’s book as “O.C.D. APPROVED TECHNOLOGY”.  In the section on video, he says….” I use FotoBridge to digitize all of my clients’ tapes.  They are reasonable, professional, reliable, and fast.  In the five years I’ve worked with them, I’ve never had a problem with any of my clients’ orders.  They understand they are handling priceless memories and guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.  Get your tapes and photos to them.  They even offer trackable, free return shipping!”


For more from of the thousands of helpful and easily doable organizing insights in Justin’s book, check it out here!


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