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Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Feb 04, 2014 @ 01:27 PM

We started FotoBridge with a simple idea - that having your treasured photo memories safely archived and digitally accessible, anywhere, on any device would be invaluable to folks. So we were excited to recently discover a service that extends similar benefits to what many people consider the 'sound track' of their lives. That's right, personal music collections locked in a lifetime's collection of music CDs. The service, Madison-based is working to back up your music CDs.  This could be awesome we thought - mainly because it solves an age-old problem many people have - what to do with our coveted, highly personal CD collections. Like everyone I love my music and was an easy, affordable solution that organizes all my music and makes it accessible from one place. My experience was exceptional and couldn't have been easier.

murfieSend your music CDs to Murfie, where they’ll be digitized and posted to your online collection for you to view, play, and manage. Your music CDs will always remain yours, whether you choose to safely store them at Murfie or have them returned to you. Rest assured your music CDs will be in good hands, among the half-million others already stored at their headquarters!

If you want a perfect backup of your music CDs, Murfie is for you. And, they do much, much more. Enjoy unlimited streaming of your music at home via the Murfie Web Player, Sonos and VOCO devices, or on the go with the Murfie streaming app for Apple and Android phones and tablets. Download your albums in your choice of high quality formats: mp3, aac, and lossless FLAC and ALAC—and even request they be ripped to a hard drive. Then you can easily transfer your Murfie downloads to iTunes or your favorite music player!

With Murfie, you’re getting the freedom to access your collection anywhere and anytime.

I'm delighted our friends at have shared this exclusive offer to our FotoBridge community.  So if you've got CDs, give it a try!!  I am sure you will be as thrilled as me.

Special offer for FotoBridge customers: Order by Feb 12th and receive 25% off sending your CDs to the Murfie cloud!  Want to digitize your vinyl records, too? Email about vinyl or any other special requests!


Julie and the Team at FotoBridge

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