3 Bad Excuses for Not Converting Photo Slides to Digital

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Nov 07, 2013 @ 10:35 AM

photo scanning serviceIf you put off sorting printed photos, you probably have even more excuses for not converting photo slides to digital photos. There’s no shortage of excuses, but often slides can be more delicate and subject to damage more than printed photos. If you don’t have converting slides to digital on your to-do list, add it.

Slides may seem like artifacts to us now in our digital age, but they’re not the type of artifacts that withstand the test of time. The following excuses for not converting slides to digital photos can hardly be validated, so there really are no excuses for not scanning photos today.

#1: It takes too long!

Converting photos to digital —including converting slides to digital -- seems like a huge undertaking that can be time consuming. However, advancements in scanning and photography technology have sped up the process, and you don’t have to do it yourself if you uses a photo scanning service to convert slides to digital. Having professionals convert slides to digital is the quickest, easiest, most economical option which will delivering the best results.

FotoBridge, for example, can convert slides to digital quickly, and you’ll receive the slides back and your digitized images within days. That's minimal time for you, and all you will have to do is pack and ship the slides!

#2: It’s too expensive.

You could go the DIY route by purchasing special slide scanners or scanner adapters that are often required to scan and convert slides to digital files. However, slide scanners, including flatbed scanners, range from $50 to sometimes over $1,500, and those prices are for used devices. Many only scan slides one at a time, taking about 30 to 60 seconds per slide. Some scanners also require special adapters with mounts for slide scanning, about $35 on average. Operating system compatibility is often problematic too.

photo scanning service"Time is money," and if you scan photos at home you will spend time shopping for a device, scanning photos, and naming and filing images one at a time. The time costs and actual costs spent in this process are significantly more than how much you would spend utilizing a photo scanning service. A photo scanning service will be well-equipped and experienced with converting slides to digital photos.

Rates for converting slides to digital depend on how many slides you have. For example, FotoBridge's prices for converting slides to digital images vary, with packages for 250 photos less than $90, to packages under $2,000 for converting up to 10,000 photos. With any of these all-inclusive packages you also get DVD(s), Intelligent Digital Finishing (IDF), free return shipping, web-ready duplicate images, and many add-on options like extra DVDs, TIF files, index print booklets, and more. For detailed information about our packages, check out our pricing list for packages for converting slides to digital photos.

#3: When I convert slides to digital the quality won’t be good.

Many people are concerned that converting slides to digital means poor quality and resolution, especially for old and/or dirty slides. Additionally, people are concerned that digital slide images can’t be Photoshopped or enhanced.

If you've tried DIY slide scanning, like with a flatbed scanner, lighting and resolution issues are common regardless of a slide’s age. Photo scanning professionals know how to counteract such issues. Enhancing photos after scanning with IDF also helps preserve and optimize attributes like color and contrast. Professional scanners have technology offering reduction or sometimes removal of dust spots or scratches, particularly helpful for older slides. All in all, converted slides can have high resolution and great quality for viewing and printing, even when printed larger.

For more information about converting slides to digital and our slide scanning packages, visit our FAQ section!

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