The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Oct 19, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever SeenOver the next few months, children everywhere will be especially busy during arts and crafts hour, cutting out “paper ghosts,” building clothespin reindeer, and folding construction paper into turkeys. Instead of the usual holiday crafts this year, try something different and personal that’s also fun – possibly for someone of any age!

Here are some DIY photo projects that are great any time of the year!

The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen (For After You Digitize Photos)

DIY Tin Can Frame

If you have a pantry, you have plenty of photo frames you never knew existed! You can create picture frames -- that some may even deem shabby chic -- with tin cans. Environmentally friendly and just plain crafty, this project can be done in under 15 minutes, save trips to the recycling bin, and give photos a new, unique home.

The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen  The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen

All you need is a metal can, acid-free rubber cement, scissors, a tape measure, ruler, or calculator, some rubber bands, and an awesome photo. Measure the can’s height and circumference, which will tell you how big to print or trim your photo. Print the photo on plain or glossy paper, trim it, and glue onto the can’s label for a super-tight fit. Tightly wrap rubber bands around the can, leave on overnight, and the next day, you’ll have a can that’s gone from being worth a couple cents to priceless!

Etch A Sketch Picture Frame

This is a project almost anyone will enjoy. Who doesn’t have a special place in their heart for Etch a Sketch? Maybe you enjoyed it in its prime as a child, and again in recent years during its comeback. If you have children, they’ll love this project, and what better frames to adorn their walls with?

Forget gluing macaroni onto frames. You just need a retired Etch A Sketch (or one you’ve given up on – never gets easier, does it?), photo paper, a printer, glue, and a hook or easel to glue onto the back of it.

The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen   The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen

The real fun comes from using photo editing software to turn your chosen image into a “sketch,” which you’ll print and glue into your frame. Most programs have a “pencil sketch” filter or the same results can be achieved by combining a few effects. Print and trim the photo to fit the Etch a Sketch frame, glue it in, and after adding an easel or hook onto the back, you’ll have the framed, perfect sketch you never came close to achieving in years in a fraction of the time -- and wall-art!

Magnetic Photo Frames

The refrigerator is one of the best picture frames ever. Or perhaps more accurately, the best place for picture frames. Now you can take that concept to the infinite degree and hang photos with photo magnets!

All you need are photos, scissors, a quarter, pens, metal and glass friendly glue, small circular magnets (which you can also cut from magnetic sheets), and clear glass circles, available at craft stores, often sold as “fillers” beside artificial flowers and vases.

The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen   The 3 Best Photojojo DIY Projects You've Ever Seen 

Use a quarter as a guide to trim photos (and magnetic sheets, if needed) to fit the glass circles. Put glue on the flat sides of glass circles, paste trimmed photos face down, and hold for 30 seconds. Next, put glue onto the back of the circular magnet and press it for 30 seconds onto the backside of the pic, and let dry for about two hours. You’ll have crafty, personal magnets to jazz up your refrigerator (or whatever else)!

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