Piccolo: Photo Printing for Your Facebook and Instagram Life

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Oct 10, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Piccolo: Photo Printing for Your Facebook and Instagram LifeIf you’re reading this, you know it’s important to convert photos to digital and safely keep them in some kind of online storage.  Similarly to the way we’ve swapped out books for Kindles and iPads, many of us have settled into the habit of digitizing photos and enjoying the extra space it creates at home. Pulling up files on your computer to flip through often beats pulling out albums of photos hidden under beds and in closets.

But what about the digital photos you never had prints of originally? It’s just as important to have tangible copies of your pictures you take on your phone and post on social media. These are the moments that are just as irreplaceable as the ones you have scanned.

Why You Should Go Beyond Converting Photos to Digital

The majority of people who upload pictures to such sites will never print what are actually some of the most spontaneous photos taken, capturing unplanned moments. Usually the photos we see on Facebook walls are random snapshots, quickly taken with iPhones and instantly shared without thoughts of printing them. The consequence is losing photos that capture the most realistic moments in life.

It may seem like a silly photo at the time, but imagine what it would look like if it joined other framed photos on your wall. When you’re dragging your feet in the morning, you may pass by that photo on your way to get your first cup of coffee and smile. If this photo lives only on your phone or online, you’ll be missing out.

Our old prints need to be converted to digital so as to create a back up, but don’t forget about those digital photos you took yesterday or last week. Chances are you don't have another version of those lying around anywhere. Additionally, what happens to all of your Facebook photos? Instagram photos?

Lucky for us, those at Piccolo feel the same way!

How Piccolo Works

Piccolo is a subscription printing service that automates the process of printing pictures from your Facebook or Instagram account. This site works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts and pick a subscription plan. Plans start at $10/month.

  2. Each month, you get an email showing the pictures you shared. You can choose which to print, or Piccolo will automatically print the most popular.

  3. Your pack of beautiful prints comes in the mail.

Piccolo believes “if a picture is worth sharing, it’s worth keeping.” Anyone who supports carrying on family memories through photos is someone we can definitely get behind.

What are you waiting for? Get started scanning your collection today or start printing your digital memories!


Image Credit: Flickr

Information Source: Photojojo & Piccolo

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