Beyond Photo Scanning: An Unexpected Wedding Videographer

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Beyond Photo Scanning: An Unexpected Wedding VideographerThanks to Google Glass, we can now take pictures and record videos that capture your experiences like never before. New technology is always exciting, but the price tag can sometimes be steep.

All it takes is a little innovation and a pair of regular eyeglasses to have your own version. Just ask Michael Kammes.

The technology and marketing director from southern California originally developed his idea after trying to think of a way to one up himself after his 3D wedding proposal. He wanted to create something special for his marriage and the Groom POV Hidden camera was born. It did take some time to find a model that worked, but you can see in this video that Michael’s invention was a success.

Beyond Photo Scanning: An Unexpected Wedding Videographer

He used the 808 #26 key chain camera which has a 1080p quality and a 15” lens extension cable. The extension cable allowed him to attach the tiny lens to his glasses and then loop the cord around his ear. The larger recording device rested in an inside jacket pocket. To ensure that he had enough memory to record the entire wedding event, he used a 32 GB micro card and also kept a portable battery on hand. One of the main differences between Google Glass and Michael’s homemade version is that he was only able to capture a rough audio recording. But, Michael’s glasses were developed as a one-time use only product and he and his now wife also had an entire videography crew at the wedding.

It’s a good thing that crew was there too because Michael’s invention almost didn’t happen. It wasn’t until the night before the wedding that he created a successful model. The cameras are very fragile and getting the logistics down pat was a challenge. As a backup method, Michael also wore several hidden body cameras and was able to catch his wife and the rest of the party goers from different angles.

Michael also noticed an issue at the wedding that other users of video devices might experience. A glass' lens only follows the motion of your glasses, while your eyes could be looking elsewhere. With any new technology, there will always be glitches. Overall, new inventions, whether they’re distributed by a major company or built in your basement, are intended to improve our life. Michael was still able to capture his special moment.

Michael has a unique perspective on his wedding for the rest of his life. Video recordings and photography are a great way to capture current memories, but it’s also important to preserve videos and photos from the past. Let our photo scanning services take your pictures and videos and create high quality digital versions so that your memories are protected for the rest of your life!

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