Are Your Digitized Photos Lacking a Specific Element - You?

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Aug 17, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Are Your Digitized Photos Lacking a Specific Element - You?You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Do you ever feel like you’re “always the photographer, never the photographed” when looking at pictures? Many photographers find they’re more comfortable behind the camera, but that means you aren’t in any pictures! Families and friends love looking at old pictures and reminiscing about good times so make sure that you’re included in the memories.

When you get the chance to be in the spotlight, make sure you take full advantage of it!

1. Hit All the Right Angles.

Think about having your photo taken from above. Your eyes will appear brighter and your neck will appear smoother and longer. Try to avoid pictures where you’re being shot from below. The “up the nose” shot isn’t flattering, no matter how much you like your nose. Instead, show it off by focusing on direct shots or those taken from above.

2. Don’t Forget to Relax.

Photographs don’t lie. If you feel uptight or nervous in your photo, it will come across in your picture. Try to imagine how you feel behind the camera and channel that feeling. If it makes you more comfortable working with someone you know, ask a fellow photographer to capture a few snapshots.

3. Mind Your Posture.

Standing up tall will make a world of difference in your picture. Keep it simple by straightening your back and keeping your head and chest up. Slouching can lead to saggy, wrinkled clothes which make you seem untidy. No one wants that unflattering photo to end up in someone's collection! 

4. Strike a Pose.

There are a few simple poses that you can use that will make you appear slimmer. Turn one shoulder to the camera, only turning your upper body. You can place your hand on your hip if you’d like. This move is a great trick for slenderizing your entire body. It’s often used during red carpet poses.

5. Don’t Forget to Smile.

While it seems like common sense to tell a subject to smile, we all know sometimes you forget. Employ some of the same techniques you use as a photographer when you’re in front of the camera. Have a conversation with your photographer and keep it casual. Trust that the photographer is watching for moments of true joy and will capture your best side.

We understand the joy of getting just the right shot, but it’s important to step away from the camera and make sure you’re in the big picture too. People rely on photographs as a way of saving family memories. Make sure you have digitized photos to share with your friends and family!


Photo Credit: Flickr

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