5 Things You Can't Live Without as a Photographer

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Aug 13, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

5 Things You Can't Live Without as a PhotographerThe person that stands behind a lens is just as much a part of the photograph as the subject matter they're shooting. You’ll always find that each photographer, in addition to a tried and true process, will have certain items that are always on hand.

Ask a handful of photographers and they may all give you a different response but here are a few we’ve heard mentioned time and time again.

5 Things You Can't Live Without as a Photographer

1. A 50mm Lens

If you’re moving from a crowded subway scene to an expansive landscape, this trustworthy lens can handle it all. This is versatile staple for any photographer and a great back up in case your other lenses aren’t available. Widely distributed, you can find an affordable 50 mm lens easily.

2. Extra Flash Equipment

Have you ever found an inspiring shot and had your flash die at the last moment? Not all flashes are perfect. Don’t lose your best shot to an irritable flash. Always carry an extra flash so you can keep the photography session moving forward. Make sure that your extras will work for your situation. Some are ideal for night photography while others are best for sunsets.

3. Tripod

This is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for a photographer. A tripod holds a camera steady so that a shot isn’t sacrificed by a shaking hand. Even if the ground is uneven, a tripod can adjust to the lay of the land. It’s also ideal for long exposure photography and sessions where you’re shooting the same picture over and over; like wedding group pictures. There are many models available that are compact and travel friendly.

4. Camera Trigger

Some shots require complete stillness and even touching the camera to take the shot can be enough to throw it off. In times like these, it’s best to use a camera trigger instead of a timer. It allows you to conduct self-portrait tests for focus. There are even apps available that allow your phone to become a trigger. Combining essential photo equipment with an item most people never leave the house without is an ingenious idea!

5. Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

Have you ever found yourself so wrapped up in a shoot that you completely forgot to check the battery? Without a spare, your photo session comes to a complete halt. Just make sure your spares are charged or you’ll be out of luck. The same principle applies to memory cards. Maybe you forget your original at home after a night of editing or perhaps you’ve procrastinated emptying your current card. With an extra, you have the ability to just keep shooting.

We realize that photographers, new and old, all have different opinions on the necessities. It’s essential to find what is most important to you.

Whether you're looking to scan photos, or take a picture for the first time, make sure you have all the tools to get the best results.

What is the one tool you can't live without as a photographer?


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