How Photo Scanning Services Can Help Preserve Your Family History

Posted by Julie Morris on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

How Photo Scanning Services Can Help Preserve Your Family HistoryAs I was watching TV recently, my attention was caught by a commercial from New York Life. The commercial stated, “We are all reflections of the people that came before us.” Although New York Life isn’t in the business to map your family history, I couldn’t help but feel this described the need to preserve your family’s memories so well! We would be nowhere without those who came before us.

You were granted the gift of life from your parents and passed along that same gift when you had children. Your children are reflections of you, you are reflections of your parents, and so on (you get the idea). The memories created by you and your family are probably best captured through photos - and a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Passing down photos from generation to generation is definitely the way to keep your family’s history alive.

Our friends at Linea provide you with the opportunity to browse and share digital photos with your loved ones. But what if your photos are prints? What happens if you haven’t converted your photos to digital yet? This is where you can utilize a photo scanning service to assist in the preservation and sharing of your family history. 

You’ve got a couple thousand photos and you’ve heard about Linea’s awesome service - so you’re more than ready to digitize your photos. Using a photo scanning service is very simple. Over at FotoBridge we understand that this can be a project so that is exactly why we don’t ask customers to do more work than they have to.

How Photo Scanning Services Work

1. Organize & Send

Take a look at your archives and survey what you have - choose the package that is closest to the amount of photos you have. Services, like FotoBridge, will request that you pack your photos in separate baggies by 100 or 200 photos. Most print stacks that are about an inch high will equate to 100 photos. Once bagged and sealed, ship your prints with a secured shipper, like UPS or FedEx, and you’re good to go!

2. Photos are digitized 

Once out of your hands, FotoBridge takes care of the rest of the process. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your order. An initial scan creates a digital back up of your photo collection and then each newly created digital image is reviewed and enhanced. We then validate the completeness of your order and send you back your newly digitized family photo collection.

3. Receive Photos & Images

This step is usually a customer’s favorite - you receive your newly created high-quality digital images! At this point you have unlocked endless possibilities of sharing your memories digitally - on the web, through email, and by creating personalized gifts. While you explore and experiment with these options, you can be secure in the fact that your lifetime collection of photos is now preserved forever - safe from loss or destruction, and more easily available to now be shared from generation to generation.

Ready to digitize your collection with a photo scanning service? Take advantage of our newest FotoBridge deal!

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