3 Essential Tips for Photo Organizing

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Jun 15, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

3 Essential Tips for Photo OrganizingWhen was the last time you ventured to your basement or attic? Storage spaces can be a treasure trove of memories. Finding old letters and clothing can bring back memories but photos are a special part of reminiscing. Are your archives organized? Are they easily accessible? Scanning photos is a great first step to get all those pictures in order. After you’re done scanning photos, take the step to get your originals organized!

We’ve featured photo organizing experts like Megan McCourt of Picture this Solutions, LLC, who offer professional photo organizing tips. Today, we introduce Darla DeMorrow, who is a professional organizer, decorator, and home stager as well as author of the book, "The Pregnant Entrepreneur." Don't worry about trying to do this all yourself - enlist a photo organizing expert!

Photo Organizing Tips from Darla DeMorrow

  1. Most people struggle with two things: inertia and technology. Their photos and films seem safe wherever they are, but that’s rarely the case. And that old film or paper photo may seem more familiar than the digital version - but familiar doesn’t necessarily mean more user friendly.

  2. The most important thing is that your photos and stories should live where you live, and not in the attic, garage or basement. Time, moisture, extreme heat, and critters do damage over time that is very costly to repair.

  3. Tell your story! People are overwhelmed with what they’ve inherited and what they’ve created. You don’t have to keep it all, but you want to tell the story that will mean something to you and those who come after. Usually, that means getting your story down into bite-sized chunks that someone could actually enjoy. Life is short. Share the good stuff before the details are gone.

Scanning and organizing photos can teach you many lessons, not only about proper organizing skills but about your family. Imagine finding a picture of a family member you never knew and then learning that it was him or her that built the house you grew up in! Everyone has a story to tell.

Darla also spoke about her experience with FotoBridge, “Working with FotoBridge has been great. I love that they are located in New Jersey, and they process all of their orders in the US… FotoBridge has wonderful customer service, and I’ve always been able to talk with a live person…I appreciate their personal touch.”

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