Photo Scanning and Photo Organizing Doesn't Have to Be Overwhelming

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Jun 11, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Photo Scanning and Photo Organizing Doesn't Have to Be OverwhelmingDon’t let that pile of pictures in your closet stop you from photo scanning and then getting those photos organized. Here at FotoBridge, we understand that piles of pictures can be daunting to organize but there is a way to do it. Don’t get discouraged by a large collection of pictures. Some of our customers have archives of more than 10,000 pictures!

Photo Scanning and Photo Organizing Doesn't Have to Be Overwhelming

It never hurts to have a little help! In the past, we’ve featured expert advice from APPO members like Stacy Cochrane, of Managing Memory Lane LLC and PhotosFinished co-owners, Becky Hussey and Kerry Butkovich. This week, we have the pleasure of featuring Memories with Pride owner, Susan Berland. She has two tips on how to get started organizing your pictures for photo scanning. Susan suggests:

1. Pick up the first picture to start and just do 30 minutes a day.

2. Organize by person and theme. Don’t try to do chronological to start.

Advocating a simple, baby-steps type approach, Susan breaks down the process. If it helps, consider only pulling one stack of photos while the rest remain tucked away. Keeping visual clutter to a minimum will help you focus on the task of organizing. Organizing photos can actually be easy once you’ve got a system in place. Just think how satisfied you’ll be once you’re finished organizing your photos (after you've sent them to a photo scanning service to be scanned)!

With that in mind, organizing can be a great way to reminisce with family members. It’s still helpful to follow certain organizing steps but don’t forget to have fun. Susan says that her favorite part about being a photo organizer is actually “getting to know my clients and their stories.” 

Susan also supports our services over here at FotoBridge. “Working with FotoBridge is a breeze. Their customer service is outstanding. When I have questions, I just call and they’re always happy to answer, even if the answer was already on the website!! I love that I can ship off the photos and they do all the work and send them back. Their quality is outstanding as well. What more could you ask for?!”

Organizing photos doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just ask Susan! You can find her at her APPO page, her Memories with Pride blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

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