Why You Should Use Photo Scanning to Honor Your Family

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Jun 08, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Why You Should Use Photo Scanning to Honor Your FamilyThis past Memorial Day, you probably enjoyed an extra day off from work and maybe headed to the beach or attended a BBQ. The freedom to enjoy that time in whatever manner made you happy was made possible by the millions of men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for the United States Armed Forces.

For many families, this holiday is a way to remember family veterans and pass along stories to younger generations. Keep the memories alive with photo scanning! Did you find a picture of a veteran over the holiday that you want to share? Using a photo scanning service, you will have multiple copies of the photo to distribute within the family and then you can properly frame the original.

Advantages of Photo Scanning

  • Protection: Over time, original photos will degrade but the sooner you scan them, the better the quality will be once you digitize them. No matter what happens to the original, your duplicate from the photo scanning project will retain a crisp image. War portraits are an eye into the past for many younger generations.

  • Sharing: In today’s wired society, sharing photos is only natural. It’s a great way to relive good times but, when old pictures are stuck in a box, some of the most important stories are never told. When you use a photo scanning service, pictures of war veterans and any others are handled carefully to preserve the image. 

Honoring Family Veterans

Everyone pays homage in their own way. If you want to honor your family veteran, get out your photo collection. Call family members to see if they have other pictures of veterans and use a photo scanning service to digitize the images.

Once the originals are returned to the proper owners, create a slideshow and display it at the next family gathering. Set it to music to really bring the images to life. If you’re especially ambitious, ask family members for stories and create a voice over tale for certain sections of the show. This is a great way to not only protect your original images but pass along to younger generations just how important veterans are to our everyday freedom.


Photo Credit: The Devlin Family

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