How to Properly Store Slides After Converting Slides to Digital

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

How to Properly Store Slides After Converting Slides to DigitalNow that you’ve already taken the important step of converting slides to digital images, how do you safely store the slides? Pulling the projector out and scrolling through photos on a big screen is still a great family activity. Properly storing slides will ensure they have a longer than average lifespan. Once you’re finished converting slides to digital, take the time to place them in the best possible environment. The next time you need to show a child who may have never seen a slide before, the quality will be spectacular!

Cleaning Your Slides

Before putting your slides away, make sure that you properly clean them. Often, when slides are held to the light, dust is visible but brushing it off doesn’t make it go away. Running the slide through a projector will only amplify imperfections not visible to the naked eye. Using compressed air and distilled water will normally clean a slide. 

Use Plastic Sleeves or Metal Boxes 

You can find slide specific storage methods that will protect your slides from environmental factors. Plastic slide pages have room for 20 slides and can be placed in 3 ring binders. Use organizing tabs to section slides into chronological events for easy identification. Metal boxes can hold up to 750 slides and protect slides from UV exposure and dust.

Store in a Cool, Dry Environment

Your first instinct may be to place your slides in the basement or attic but these two areas of your home hold humidity. This is not ideal for storage. Humidity can warp slides and fungus can even grow on your family memories. Store them in hall closet or office space. If that’s not possible, place silica gel packs in the box or binder to soak up moisture.

Protect from Light and Heat 

Keep your slides in a dark area. Light and heat will cause slide quality to deteriorate over time. Avoid the urge to break out slides anytime a visitor comes over and wants a retro experience. Constantly running slides through a projector can lighten the image.

Keeping your slides in a safe place ensures that you have originals to pass down within the family!

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