Beyond Photo Scanning: Photo Organizing Tips from the Experts

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 03:45 PM

Beyond Photo Scanning: Photo Organizing Tips from the Experts Rachel Jenkins, a certified member of Association of Personal Photo Organizers, recently published an article that said, “Your photos are one of your most personal and private collections.” Rachel makes a very good point - the photos in your archives are special, one-of-a-kind memories that tell your stories. She went on to talk about how it might feel invasive having an outsider come in and help you bring order to these archives but from her own experience with a personal organizer and the experiences she has from helping others, the feelings have actually been just the opposite.

Organizing your photos is a step in the right direction to taking care of these precious memories and photo organizers are the perfect addition to your process after photo scanning. Members of APPO help you sort through your photos, find themes, and neatly catalogue them into archives that you are proud to share. They aren’t there to judge you or make you feel uncomfortable – they are there to help you feel that spectacular sense of a job well done.

We know that getting your photos organized might be overwhelming so we wanted to take this opportunity to share some more insight from two of APPO’s certified members; Becky Hussey and Kerry Butkovich.

Becky Hussey and Kerry Butkovich are co-owners of PhotosFinished, located in Cincinnati, OH. 

"Our clients struggle with taking that first step, not knowing where to begin. There is an entire generation of people “sandwiched” between old and new media and they are simply trying to figure it all out. Many of us have inherited the old slides, movies and printed photos, yet we are accumulating large amounts of digital photos and videos. How do we get a handle on all of it? That is what we as personal photo organizers can help our clients do.

Two tips: Do not just have one copy of a photo or video - back-up, back-up & then back-up again! Start with one project at a time, i.e. get your digital photos organized first and then work back toward the boxes of printed photos.

We love seeing the anxiety people have about getting their photos organized begin to fade away as we tackle each project. Additionally, it is great to share in our clients’ memories as they re-visit photos they have not seen in years, and even better when they see their old slides or prints on their computer screen after they have had them scanned. They have a sense of peace that their memories are safely preserved.

We love, love, love FotoBridge. We have sent many clients’ treasured photos and slides to FotoBridge and have been very pleased with their service. They are always available to answer any questions we might have during the process, and make both our clients and us feel at ease that the clients’ photos are safe and handled with extreme care. The scans are beautiful, much better than we could do ourselves, and the turnaround is very fast."

You can learn more about Becky and Kerry and their business by visiting them on Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to also contact them by email at

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