3 Tips For Converting Photos to Digital For a Graduation Slideshow

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Convert Photos to Digital For This Graduation SeasonIt is hard to believe we are almost at the end of the school year. Soon your sons and daughters will find themselves faced with walking across the stage that opens the door to a new chapter in their life. Regardless of whether they are graduating high school, college, or graduate school, you will want to celebrate all their accomplishments.

How are you going to showcase your son or daughter, the guest of honor, at their graduation party? Do you make a poster board full of pictures or create a photo album? 

We like to think of digitizing images as a gateway to the many possibilities and things to come, not merely a project to preserve a valuable legacy. When you convert photos to digital, you open yourself up to the possibility of commemorating significant events, like graduations, through TV DVD slideshows! This is a fun and engaging way to visually represent your graduate.

Photo scanning services, like FotoBridge, offer this as an option you can add to any print scanning package. Set to the music you select, the movie is an enjoyable way to view and share your images, memories, and stories - especially with friends and family that don't use computers, yet have TV DVD players. You can have the slideshow play at a specially selected time of the party or on a loop in the background. 

3 Tips For Converting Photos to Digital For a Graduation Slideshow

1. What photos will be digitized for the slideshow?

Consider including photos from their childhood through today. They might be a little embarrassed but think of how much fun that will be to see how they have progressed and changed up until this milestone in their life. 

2. Open the selection of photos up to your guests and family members.

When sending out the invitations to your part, invite friends and family to share photos they think would make a good addition to the slideshow. This will spark their interest because they’ll be looking for their photo to be showcased!

3. Choose an appropriate song.

A good song will be acceptable for all ages and family friendly. Look for a song that is easy listening or perhaps a specific song from your graduate’s life to accompany the photos. You can usually choose from a pre-selected list from your photo scanning service or provide a burned CD with your desired song(s). 

Ready to digitize? Convert your photos to digital with FotoBridge today! Select your package here.

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